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  • Reviewed 10/23/17

The Ultimate Cannabis Product

This product is not for the cannabis novice. It is incredibly potent, and should only be used a drop at a time. But, for those who seek out the best...this is it. Just a drop or two provides me long lasting effects (6-8hrs). The price makes more sense when you understand how little is needed to get a medical benefit. I find it incredibly helpful for treating sever pain, allowing me to avoid opiates and get sleep. For those suffering with nausea, this product may also help. Two drops and my appetite soared, and a few more drops... lights out. Just be sure to start slow, and dose very low. You may find yourself comfortable with taking more, but you don't want to find yourself wishing you took less!

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Tincture: CBD Blue Shark


A recipe for a good night's sleep

CBD Blue Shark Tincture is my go to cannabis product when I need a good night's sleep. I take it roughly 30 minutes before bed and find myself easily drifting off to sleep, and most importantly, staying asleep all night (Neither are easy for me). I also like that this tincture is glycerin based, meaning it does not taste like alcohol (at least compared to most tinctures). I can place a few drops under my tongue without any burning sensation. One more tip: if you find yourself feeling anxious after ingesting a high THC strain (or just in general) this tincture can help. Great for people with anxiety disorders or insomnia.

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  • Reviewed 12/22/15

SALE: Pineapple Express (Shake)

Strong, uplifting, fruity

This batch of Pineapple Express looks and tastes great. The effects really helped obliterate a headache I had all day. Be careful using too close to bedtime as strong sativa effects will keep you up.

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Amnesia Haze

All around winner

Amnesia Haze comes in small buds, but its effects are big. I find myself coming back to this strain again and again. The smell is light and citrusy, and a few puffs from the vape leaves a smile on my face. I believe it won the Cannabis Cup back in 2004 too. I see why. Don't let the small buds keep you from trying this strain. Day time classic.

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Classic Trainwreck

Great day time strain

Reminds me of an old favorite - Kali Mist from the Boat Shop Coffee House in Utrecht, Holland. Uplifting smell and body/mind effect. A quality sativa option. Inspired my creativity and left me feeling joyful. Great for ADD pain relief. Well trimmed and dried. Another winner at Takoma Wellness Center.

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