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  • Reviewed 12/22/15

Classic Trainwreck SALE

Great day time strain

Reminds me of an old favorite - Kali Mist from the Boat Shop Coffee House in Utrecht, Holland. Uplifting smell and body/mind effect. A quality sativa option. Inspired my creativity and left me feeling joyful. Great for ADD pain relief. Well trimmed and dried. Another winner at Takoma Wellness Center.

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Strong, uplifting, fruity

This batch of Pineapple Express looks and tastes great. The effects really helped obliterate a headache I had all day. Be careful using too close to bedtime as strong sativa effects will keep you up.

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Amnesia Haze

All around winner

Amnesia Haze comes in small buds, but its effects are big. I find myself coming back to this strain again and again. The smell is light and citrusy, and a few puffs from the vape leaves a smile on my face. I believe it won the Cannabis Cup back in 2004 too. I see why. Don't let the small buds keep you from trying this strain. Day time classic.

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