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  • Reviewed 1/12/13

Barry Hand Roll

Vapor Room

Barry Hand Rolls tastes like crap

I was very disappointed when i got this order, they are cheap and they sure taste cheap too!
heard good things about Vapor Room before but i would have no idea their products are not the best. I wish the Barry Roll was on a king size paper (who smokes on regular ones??) with some quality flower, they effect was so light and the taste honestly one of the worst i ever had :(

Pure Medical Cannabis Tincture

Vapor Room

Did i do something wrong?

I was interested in trying a tincture, so i went for this one and oh boy! I don't feel anything! Like nothing! I went 3 drops first time, 5 drops later on the same day and nothing. Next day i even tried 20, 25 drops and still nothing???? I used it under my tongue and i feel like i wasn't medicated at all.