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  • Reviewed 2/13/21

Blackberry Banana OG

Functional indica + unique terpene profile

Overall: A great indica for those with a lower tolerance or new to cannabis or for those that want to chill out without being stoned to the bone. What's especially nice is the unique genetics (kudos to Altsol for the pheno hunt to find this one) and A+ cure on these nugs.

Looks: Dense, green nugs with quite a few red hairs. Very well cured and trimmed.

Smell: A combo of grape wine and overripe fruit with a light scent of vanilla or cream. Also, an aroma that's unique compared to other strains in the DC market. Not a room filling scent, but pleasant.

Flavor: Tastes like it smells, vape is smooth and pleasant.

Entry Effect: Induced a relaxing body effect like a warm hug. Head change was mild with no raciness or racing thoughts, but also no euphoria. Definitely a stoney strain, but only mildly so. Slowed thoughts down in a pleasant way.

Exit effect: Clean exit, no drowsiness. Faded quickly after the first hour. Noticable body effect lingered.

  • Reviewed 8/16/20


Herbal Alternatives

Delicious anytime strain

Incredibly tasty and aromatic nugs! Very complex terp profile and was pitch perfect for socializing.

Looks: Easily one of the best looking strains on the DC market. Perfectly trimmed nugs with more orange hairs than I've seen on any other strains.

Smell: Definitely a citrus dominated aroma with a significant skunky cheese back end that's very pleasant.

Flavor: Mostly cheese and skunk with hint of orange.

Entry Effect: Delivered a high with a very smooth entry (no raciness), but a definite euphoric bolt of energy that had me drawn to upbeat music pretty quickly and had me looking for something to do in the yard or gym. Also brought positive vibes flowed next two hours so a really pleasant mood elevation.
Exit effect: Clean exit, no nap needed. Faded nicely in hour 3, leaving me feeling upbeat and alert. Slight body effect was there throughout, but didn't distract or overpower or crash me out as it faded. Excellent weed!

  • Reviewed 5/10/19

Honeydew Kush


Excellent anytime strain + medicinal

Taste/Smell/Look: Dense nugs with a sweet/kush aroma that's not strong, but noticable. Very tasty and sweet aroma. Found it to be a smooth vape experience.

Effects: This is really well rounded CBD strain that brightens my mood immediately and delivers a warm, almost pulsing body effect when using a lot. Great daytime/anytime strains with great pain relief and a mild, energizing effect. It did not make me sleepy, but was quite relaxing. Definitely stops any anxiety or worry-thoughts you have without feeling a crushing stone.

Note: I've used Honeydew Kush off and on for 3 years and recently found a couple of old nugs that were stored in one of my humidified CVaults. They were at least 18 months old, but still perfectly preserved and a great vaping experience. One of the most durable strains I've found for long-term storage.

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Specialé: Sour Grapes


Delicious + smooth ride

Taste: Incredibly tasty and aromatic nugs! Slightly more complex smell and taste than a traditional purps or GDP.

Effects: Very smooth entry no with no raciness. Immediate calming vibe and soothing body sensation, but not a knock out kush type punch so it was great for watching a playoff game and chatting with friends or tucking into a netflix show. Upbeat and relaxing into hour 2 with very nice smooth exit around end of hour 2.

I would definitely recommend!

  • Reviewed 2/17/18

Hybrid perfection!

Incredibly tasty and aromatic nugs! Very complex flavor profile plus had a high hat, for me, was pitch perfect for socializing. I've smoked strains in Colorado and Cali in the past year and this rivals any hybrid I've sampled anywhere.

Delivered a high with a very smooth entry, but a definite euphoric bolt of energy that had me drawn to upbeat music pretty quickly and had me ancy to get down to my local pub to hang out. Very positive vibes flowed next two hours with really pleasant mood elevation.

This hybrid also shined as it faded in hour 3, leaving me feeling upbeat and alert. Body effect was there throughout, but didn't distract or overpower or crash me out as it faded. Really top shelf hybrid!

Full disclosure - I always mix super potent strains like this with a little pinch of some CBD strain like Blue Shark, Royal Medic or Kashmir Gold so I don't get any raciness with my euphoria. Worked like a charm with this strain!

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  • Reviewed 4/29/17

Classic OG Haze SHAKE SALE!

Smooth Euphoria!

First off - Sativas and hazes especially are typically too racy and anxiety-producing for me to enjoy. As a result, I've spent years avoiding Hazes due to my sensitivity to them. But thanks to some of the new CBD rich varieties at Takoma and some really great advice gleaned from reviews by Experienced WestCoaster on here, I've started to wade back into to the Sativa waters and it's been amazing! I'm discovering a completely new mood-elevating and functional high that's enabling me to medicate even during the day for the first time ever.

As for the OG Haze itself, I found the nugs to be gorgeous and scented strongly of fruit and tropical flowers, very smooth burn and no lung expansion I could detect. Very tasty, berry exhale.

As for effects, due to my sensitivity to Hazes I simply mixed a tiny amount of Dreamsicle Skunk (high CBD) into my vape along with mostly OG Haze. I got a wonderful head affect immediately, but no raciness. A really crystal clear mood elevation and balanced euphoria came on quickly and lasted for almost 2 hours. Music was better, food tasted better and everything felt novel and funny. Yet felt very functional and light which meant no heaviness toward the end of hour 2 and absolutely no drowsiness which is a revelation for me. I went on to vape several bowls of OG Haze over 7 hours with zero drowsiness so could definitely be a daytime smoke. Highly recommend!

Again, many thanks to the most prolific reviewer on here: Experienced WestCoaster. He or she has imparted a tremendous amount of insight about these strains and especially about the power of mixing strains to create new or rarely encountered effects. Mixing strains allows you to control the trajectory of your high from entry to exit. These insights have transformed how I medicate so I encourage you to try mixing as well!

  • Reviewed 12/9/16

Body and Heart

Incredibly tasty and aromatic nugs! Definitely one of the most blueberry tasting strains I've ever vaped.

High is very smooth entry with no raciness and also very long-lasting. I was still feeling body "waves" over two hours later. Very pleasant like being in a gently pulsing cloud. Body effect is very similar to another favorite of mine: dreamsicle skunk (also from Abatin), but the body effect lasts longer with Blue Diamonds.

The high produced a wonderful sense of upbeat calm, yet I felt very clear headed and awake which is likely the high CBD content creating that balanced effect. A perfect evening smoke, but i could see this being very useful for daytime use as well as I experienced no drowsiness as the high faded away. These buds also triggered a powerful feeling of warmth and affection for those around me - and I don't mean sexual in the way some sativas can do. I've noticed this "warmth" effect rarely with other strains and without getting to hokey, it feels like it opens the heart chakra very effectively.

  • Reviewed 2/19/16

Green Punch (II)

Kinfolk Dispensary

Buzzy then clear

Gorgeous looking, tight nugs that have the brighest orange hairs I've ever seen. Aroma is pleasant and fruity like tropical flowers, very low odor.

I sought out this strain for it's high CBD to help primarily with nerve pain and secondarily to lift the "winter blues." I have tried other high CBD strains in Colorado such as Cannatonic (11%CBD/7% THC) and Harlequin (similar) and found them to be excellent daytime/anytime strains with great pain relief and just a mild, energizing effect.

I should preface my review by saying I am an indica guy and always avoid sativas because they produce anxiety for me. The exception is high CBD sativas which I've found to be great medicinal strains so I had high hopes for Green Punch. It's definitely a creeper high with limited effects for 5-10 minutes and then sativa "punch" arrives in the head, followed by an elevated heart rate, racing thoughts and restless energy galore. Given my sensitivity to the buzzy sativa high I found it harder hitting than I expected, much more so than either the Cannatonic or Harlequin from Colorado. This racy buzz lingered for about 45 minutes then mellowed nicely to a very clear headed positive vibe that lasted for almost 4 hours! The CBD was potent and delivered energizing effects throughout my body almost like pulses of energy. Mucho pain relief.

Mood-wise I didn't feel particularly euphoric, but I did feel in better spirits and remarkably the feeling lasted for the entire weekend. It felt as though the med had "reset" my mood to upbeat - which was very welcome and not something I typically get from an indica.

All in all, a strong medicinal strain that's more potent that you'd think, especially if you have sensitivity to Sativas. Definitely a wide awake, energizing strain you'd want to avoid before bedtime.

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