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  • Reviewed 3/24/17

Jabba's Stash

KindPeoples - Soquel

Jabba's Stash is Magic.

I actually grew this strain in both 2013 and in 2016 from Bodhi Seeds that i got at kindpeoples. It is some amazing stuff, the Snow Lotus Father crossed w the early Bubba Kush make for a truly impressive cross. this strain won the santa cruz cup in 2013 "BEST OVERALL" and that's no BS. it is still astounding in it's versatility too. i have a bit of a tolerance being the grower of the strain but it has NEVER failed to get me off. I love to smoke it in the morning. I've smoked over a pound of it and i still get baked every time from one or 2 bong hits. At night sometimes it's too much if you smoke too many hits you'll be passed out early or in the middle of the day and wake up as the sun is going down and think it's morning... (but I like that!) I've been smoking and growing for 30 years and my friends and I (and everyone else) LOVE this Strain!

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KindPeoples - Soquel
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