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  • Reviewed 9/21/16

Grape Ape



In a market that is flooded by new Hybrids, it's so nice to see a great classic strain like Grape Ape and to be processed into a beautiful tasty shatter is very rare. This stuff is the real deal. Delicious grape flavor and very medicinal effects. Great for insomnia, depression, anxiety. I cherish this stuff! Thanks so much Craft and GRE!

  • Reviewed 6/5/16

Pure Pakistani SHATTER


As Good As It Gets

This is a very good indica shatter. Its another homerun by Craft and GRE. Tastes amazing, very indica effect. Get used to your couch and get ready to relax and eat a lot of food. Very good! Very very good!

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  • Reviewed 5/8/16

Once Again

Just got a 1/2 O of mini's untrimmed for a great deal and wow, after trimming these nugs its just as good as the normal nugs! Super sticky! Great medicinal effect. A+ bomb nugs.

You can't get much better then CRAFT. They consistently, every single time, provide great service, superior products, and great deals.

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  • Reviewed 4/6/16

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

The Best

You want the best?

You want the best, stickiest, dankest, best-cured, most flavorful, stinkiest, most beautiful buds you can find at a dispensary in the Bay? You've come to the right spot.

A+ x10

Great job, keep it up guys! I, we, I think I can speak for everybody on this–we love the Red-Eye Specials!

Thank you so much.

-Alex from North Berkeley.

  • Reviewed 7/10/15

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Please never change. A+

Please never change. Your service is amazing and you have the best quality medicine. Sativa, Indica, bud, bubble, wax, shatter, sugar, jelly, you name it everything you carry is of the best quality. Please don't become like the other clubs in California that overcharge for a poor product. I refuse to go anywhere else for my medication than you guys because I know you guys care about us patients and you have the best. Much love. A Max - North Berkeley

  • Reviewed 6/27/15


A Deep Breath of Fresh Air.....

This stuff is the best of the best. Very relaxing and provides amazing pain relief. Thank you so much CRAFT and Nectars 710. You do gods work, you are amazing! Much love! I cant tell you how much these amazing medicines have helped me.

  • Reviewed 7/16/14

Vanilla K CO2 Gold Oil


Best Oil I've Tried Yet!

This stuff is truly unbelievable. Tastes amazing, the vanilla kush definitely stands out. It has an extremely high THC %, I believe it's 77%, I'll have to look at the bag. Great medicine for anything that is bothering you.

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