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  • Reviewed 4/1/16

Chocolate Hemp Milk


Hands down the best edible I have consumed.

I was originally disappointed by the size of the bottle. It looked a little small. HOWEVER, I can assure that this stuff will knock anyone on their ass. 2 small sips (approximately 1/4 of the bottle) got me more stoned than an edible has in months. For reference, I usually eat full squares of the Kiva triple strength chocolate bars. Man oh man this hemp milk hits you like a truck and does not let up. It is a great, full-bodied and long-lasting high. I plan to one day drink an entire bottle of this in one sitting and transcend to a higher plane of existence.

I highly recommend this product to fellow vegans who struggle to find compatible edibles and pretty much anyone else in between. Humanity could probably achieve world peace by just dosing everyone on this.

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