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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 5/20/16

Dispensary Review:

Herbal Relief Collective

Great new delivery option!

I reluctantly had to search for a new local delivery service due to the recent closure of GLE. I was looking for a service that offered a good selection of wax/shatters and quality flower at decent prices. The team at HRC know how to treat a customer! I called and was quickly walked through registration and placed my order, I was informed of the specials and even qualified for an unadvertised special. I got loads of new patient gifts, always love that part. My order was promptly delivered by Ben, how did I know his name? HRC used a tracking system that displays the exact location of the driver 15 min prior to arrival as well as the drivers name and contact info. Using a service for the first time can be stressful, this was a breeze. Super thankful we have such awesome options for meds in the Millbrae area.

  • Reviewed 5/7/16

Dispensary Review:

Urban Pharm

New Patient Urban Pharm Experience

I was on the hunt for the coveted Honey brand oil cartidges and I found out UP carried them I had to stop in. I knew what I wanted and that is why I came there - that said I was SUPER impressed with Pete and UP! The registration process was old school, pen and paper - quick and easy and you are on your way. They have an open flame lounge area where you can roll your own and enjoy it on site and well as a ton of options for borrowing your desired set up. Pete was a great resource and he knowledge of the products made me feel at ease as a new patient. I ended up picking up a fat 2g Honey cartridge, some flower and some shatter. They have a great selection at all price points so I could stock up and splurge at the same time. The dab bar was so cool; it was the first time I had ever medicated on site before and it couldn't have been more fun! Pete helped me select the perfect med for the day and I hit the e nail. I am a avid delivery service patron but our go to service recently tools its menu down and I had to go shopping in the real world. I am so glad I found Urban Pharm; I totally recommend you check them out!

  • Reviewed 4/20/16

Fortune Cookies

Helps with Daytime Appetite Issues

My anxiety gets so bad, it kills my appetite. Typically indicas come to the rescue, but during work hours when I need to stay sharper than usual, I feel Fortune Cookie fits the bill. It is an indica dominant hybrid that keeps me relaxed but active during the day and helps kick start my appetite when I know I NEED to eat but my body won't co-operate. Dry wax crumble with subtle sweet taste - this is a nice one!

Last edited by dabbinmiss on 4/20/16 at 10:37 AM Pacific

White Widow

Nice Hybrid

Very soft consistency but easy to use. Easy as a daytime med, I found it nice for light office work, chores and TV. Mild taste and fragrance, nothing really memorable. Not my first choice but a solid choice none the less.

  • Reviewed 1/29/16

Pink Lemonade


Can't stop reaching for this one!

The tart sweet fragrance hits your nose as soon as you open the container. The wax was soft and kind of velvety in consistency, easy to use. The sativa effects came on quickly and made me a bit zoomy first thing in the morning but after I had some cereal I felt more stable. Feeling medicated but not overly so, I had been avoiding sativas for a while for that reason. The flavor and smell are great and it is working well to keep me on task.

  • Reviewed 1/11/16

Black Lavender

Loved the flower; had to try the wax!

GLE has had Black Lavender pretty regularly for a while, it is one of my fave night time indica meds. When I saw they had a wax on the menu I had to try it! It does not disappoint; this wax was an airy but not brittle texture, easy to use on my dabber. Great taste with super mellow effects. Great for winding down after a long day. I hope they keep this in rotation :)

Last edited by dabbinmiss on 1/10/16 at 9:17 PM Pacific

Sour Tangie

Great Sativa High

Lovey tart taste with a great Sativa high! Enjoyed dabs after dinner and was able to watch tv but stay alert and focused. I am looking forward to using it tomorrow am for a nice daytime med. I don't find sour tangie to be too heady.

  • Reviewed 12/6/15

Phantom Cookies


Great medicine!

I had tried this strain in flower so I knew what I was getting into :) the medicine came in a small glass jar, I was thrilled to not have to transfer the wax to a heat safe dish. The consistency was nice and light but still sticky enough to handle well. The high was night and light, helped to keep me in a positive state of mind.

  • Reviewed 11/7/14

Corleone Kush

As a dabber I still love Corleone Kush in flower!

Awesome night med, it is my go to for treating insomnia or sleeplessness. I have always found this flower to be gentler on my lungs. The taste is a delicate and mild citrus. Strong indica with pain relief.

Pineapple Chunk


Sweet floral taste with pain relief

If you dab for flavor, Pineapple Chunk is a must try! Smell is sweet with a cheese tang but is surprising floral on the exhale. Nice way to end the day, expect couch with lower body numbing effects. The pain relief is pleasant as you drift in and out of focus. Will def pick up again!

  • Reviewed 10/3/14

Strawberry Cough

Creative and uplifting!

Great daytime med for working from home but you can't slack off! Kept me alert and focused and on task. Nice flavor and even the wax concentrate will still make ya cough a tad but it is worth it. Highly recommend and will seek out this strain again.
Prefer over the Raspberry Cough strain :)

Last edited by dabbinmiss on 10/3/14 at 10:19 AM Pacific

Sweet Tooth

Not the heavy hitting indica I was expecting...

I purchase indicas for treating insomnia and PTSD. Although Sweet Tooth is tasty and provides a smooth dab, it gave me heavy eyelids but didn't seal the deal off to restful sleep. As always, not a knock on the quality of the product or GLE but this is not the night night knockout I was looking for.

  • Reviewed 9/19/14

Charlie Sheen (Private Reserve)

Totally had to try this!!

Wasn't looking for a new indica but I had try this strain. Not your typical heavy hitting indica, starts mellow and gets progressively stronger, and then your asleep. I would recommend this 30 - 60 mins prior to bed to enjoy this gradual night time medicine. Great quality flower from Green Leaf Express!

  • Reviewed 8/30/14

Cherry Ak-47


Fun and functional!

The taste is awesome, sorry too medicated to even explain but it was a welcome change from an older wax I had been stretching to reach payday. Instantly took away after work stress and tension. I am loving this :) another quality medicine from GLE!

Edit: It was a lime sherbet taste!! Highly recommended!

Last edited by dabbinmiss on 10/1/14 at 7:15 PM Pacific

  • Reviewed 4/16/14

3 Times Crazy


Not outstanding...

I found this strain to be "meh" at best. I don't feel this is a reflection on GLE or the wax manufacturer (waxology??) I just didn't feel this med did anything outstanding. Effects were mild to weak as was taste. It is possible that my tolerance is so high that it didn't register much. Whatever the case, it won't be something I will reorder. GLE has TONS of selection so I am sure I will be fine :)

  • Reviewed 2/22/14

Killer Queen


Dabbed with a side of Netflix

Perfect med for netflix marathons, body numbing with an alert mind. Get your chores done first because once you settle in you won't be moving for a while. Heavy eyes with a clear head. Nice crumbly wax texture, quality taste and smell.

  • Reviewed 2/13/14

Cotton Candy


Great daytime medicine!

Clean bright active high, perfect for housework! Great for social events or when you need to get off the couch. Will be buying again from GLE, their products are super affordable and always consistent.

  • Reviewed 1/20/14

Corleone Kush


Very Potent Medicine

Perfect for night time dabs, quick acting mind and body pain relief. Smooth and tasty hits when used on a It nail with a triple perc. Hope to see this on more menus! Would advise for those who have high tolerance issues.

  • Reviewed 11/9/13

Dispensary Review:

Green Leaf Express Delivery

Great selection with amazing service!

Placed my first order for an order on my birthday weekend, I don't think I could have been more impressed by the quality of service and medicine. They are patient focused and really know their products. Great selection of flower, wax and a couple shatters. Delivery was prompt and professional. GLE is now my go to delivery service. Thank you!

  • Reviewed 11/9/13

Dispensary Review:

Barbary Coast

Beautiful atmosphere, large selection...

The check in process was quick, they put a sticker on your card which kinda makes me wonder if I am going to have to re-register when I get a new MMJ card...
The inside is gorgeous, wide plank hardwood floors with velvet covered couches, has a parlor feel to it. They have a large menu with a decent (not great) concentrate selection. I picked up my first gram of RumpWax, amazing product made by some great guys. Since I am not SF local and they do not post their menu online anywhere, I would call first to make sure they had what I needed before BARTing into the city. For that I subtracted a star, otherwise a very classy MMJ shop.

  • Reviewed 11/8/13

Dispensary Review:

Bloom Room

Love this little spot, carries top shelf meds!

I had to hit this shop when in the city renewing my MMJ card. Carries cup winner TerpX, insane quality product! Sign up process was quick and staff was very helpful, the 4 stars was just for the smaller selection as compared to nearby dispensaries. That said, the products stocked were all very high quality.

Love the TerpX! Thanks for the review!

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