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  • Reviewed 4/12/17

Great calm and relaxation

This is one edible I will always purchase on a regular basis. I like the feel it gives me. Warm and mellow, it'll cloud your mind, but nothing overbearing. A good body high as well. Very good for complete relaxation. I have no physical ailments, but need to calm my mind down. This works great for that. But I feel that my body aches (if I had any) would feel relaxed as well, because there is a body weight sensation. Hopefully someone will chime in with their experiences. BTW, I slice the bar into 15 doses. Works great, 10mg of HTC per bite. I'm 215lbs, and only been eating these on a daily basis for 3 months. I don't like to be very 'high', since I have things to do throughout the day. And this works great. I don't think anyone actually picks up on the fact I am using this as medication, so it is very discreet.

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