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  • Reviewed 4/18/16

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Airfield Supply Company

Excellent Customer Service

I've been a member of various collectives since being legal for marijuana use for Crohn's Disease. I heard about Airfield Supply from a good friend in February. When I first entered the front desk, I was helped by the great staff there. But when I entered the main facility, I was very impressed with the lay out. I have never been a member of a club that constantly had my favorite flower in stock. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and express great customer service. I have purchased a flower that was not up to standard and did not aid for my particular symptoms ONLY ONCE. After I left a bad review on that strain, I received an email from Brie Matulich. She apologized and gave me a $50 credit for my next visit. I have never had a medical marijuana club do that. My props to Pat and his excellent employees. Keep up the great work!


Stardawg is an excellent Indica hybrid.

I highly recommend Stardawg for anyone with a gastrointestinal disease, cramping and lack of appetite. At Airfield Supply, it is a bargain at $50 an 1/8th. Very stony also! They have had it in stock now again, but will probably sell out really fast.
Thanks Pat

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Airfield Supply Company
1190 Coleman Ave. San Jose,