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  • Reviewed 12/22/17

Vape Pen Captains Cake

I Found it Very Strong!

I bought my first vape pen and a cartridge of Cannabis Cake oil at Potomac Holistics the other day.

Never having vaped, I had to do a little 'research' about what in the heck this instrument was, and how to use it.

I found a helpful 2 minute video on YouTube which told me everything I needed to know. It was easy to assemble! Just had to charge up the pen's battery for an hour or so before first use.

I read in some of the very scanty information provided with the vape pen and the Captain's Cake that you should wait about 10 minutes after your first puff to see how it affects you.

I'm glad I followed their suggestion because after just one toke on the vape I sure didn't need any more!

Perhaps because it's been a long ime since I had had any cannabis, or perhaps because the oil has such highly concentrated THC that the Cake had such a powerful and positive effect.

So iI pronounce my first experience with vaping a success!