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  • Reviewed 6/21/14

Cannatonic CO2 Oil (High CBD)

Syringe sucks

Although this is a very good oil and it is good for treating the things I needed to treat the syringe is not one I am used to seeing at BPG and when trying to fill the chamber I usually use for my oils I ended up losing half the product. This oil should be sold in the vials instead of the syringe making it easier for one to load a pen with it. even the hald gram syringe would have been better.If you are buying this to load a pen make sure you have the smaller chamber that is like the o-pen chamber rather then the chamber that comes with most pens for oil

  • Reviewed 8/12/13

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

Quality Staff with Quality products

I have been a patient of BPG for at least 4 or 5 years and have always had a good experience with this club. The delivery drivers communicate well with customers as well and represent the company the same way as if they were in the storefront when they are out on calls. I have found other clubs to be nice but when it comes down to it the thing I like most about this club is they always have such a wide variety to choose from and have always had weed as low as $15.00 an eighth for the people who are on a budget.Most clubs don't carry anything that is that inexpensive but would do well and learn from BPG.I have always really appreciated that about this club. If it were not for these lower classes of pot that most clubs dont carry,I might not be able to afford all the medicine I need.

Update 9-8-2013. Went into Bpg and had no problem getting a discount for an error on the pricing in a previous transaction. The Staff was very helpful and treated me well.You guys Rock! I cant express how much I appreciate you guys. I try to tell people to check you guys out. Paitients of course...

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Goosh Berry Oil

Good Stuff!

I recently started using a vape pen that holds a couple grams of oil and really like it. This oil didn't have a strong chemical taste to it but seemed to help my anxiety a lot. I have found that a lot of different kinds of pot have been setting off my depression lately and was glad to find that this wasn't the case with this oil

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