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  • Reviewed 5/1/14

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Kinfolk Dispensary


There isn't a large section of Wellness Centers in the Washington, DC area BUT even if there were hundreds, I would still go to The Metropolitan Wellness Center in D.C. The staff is well qualified and extremely helpful. It's a very friendly, family like atmosphere. It reminds me of walking into an old established family business where everyone knows your name. I really like the "pre-rolls" for testing a new strain before committing to more. I feel very safe and secure going there and I know I will always leave well informed with the best strains in town.

Thank you Ms. Cole! :)

OG Kush #1

Kinfolk Dispensary

OG Kush#1

OG Kush#1 took me back to when I first started smoking in the 70's........wonderful, smooth, mellow high.......moving forward, 40 years later, I see my old friend Kush in a new light and for a different reason-ARTHRITIS and INFLAMMATION! Not to mention High Blood Pressure......! This (me) OG needs her OG Kush! It works better than Aleve for my arthritis, without the risk of destroying my takes the inflammation away, which in turn takes the pain away. High blood pressure is not one of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis, but IT SHOULD BE! I take my blood pressure (BP) each morning and until I smoke a joint of OG Kush#1, my BP is always high. I'm not going to stroke out, nor walk around with painful, inflamed joints as long as I can get to MWC and get my supply of OG Kush #1.

Thank you!

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