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  • Reviewed 4/9/16

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DiamondTREE : East Bend

Friendly, welcoming staff, and great quality

The Eastside location of Diamond Tree is right on the corner of the busy intersection on highway 20 and 27th and extremely accessible. The water feature in the lobby greets you along with those sweet, sweet smells. The staff were all professional and polite, but notably friendly and personable. I've been to other dispensaries that felt like a bank and I was filed in and out with such urgency I felt too intimidated to even purchase anything. I would highly...hehe...highly recommend them.


Blackberry Pancake PREROLLED

Smells delicious, tastes better, gets ya baked.

This tasty newcomer is a custom creation of Central Oregon's Badland Farms, and it's sweet flavor reminds me of Trix cereal! It's almost a fruit-like taste and smell, so the name Blackberry Pancake is fitting. The sedating and relaxing benefits of the indica make it a nice way to wind down at night. I have nerve pain, muscle pain, and anxiety and I feel relief from all three with BBP. The sativa part of this potent hybrid leaves me feeling relaxed and happy. What a perfect combo! I recommend pairing with Trix or pancakes for best results.

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