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  • Reviewed 3/28/13

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Buds and Roses Collective


I've been to many dispensaries over the years, but this is the only one I've ever consistently come back to - it's my main collective. Firstly, the building is nice, well-kept, and always smells incredible. The selection and variety is always top notch, and not just because they have Cannabis Cup winners. (Veganics keeps getting better and better, and I recently found my most favorite yet - Veganics Cherry Diesel.) Beyond their solid menu, the employees there can't be beat. I repeat, the employees can NOT be beat! They are always extreeeeemely helpful with both knowledge and time. I've never felt rushed even once in this place, and their experience with everything that is sold is beyond compare. They know what they're talking about, and when I describe what I'm looking for they'll pin-point what I need. Very thankful for B&R. Don't change - keep it up!

Thank-you for the kind words and we hope to keep you a happy and healthy patient! Just a preview - we are currently harvesting Veganic Strawberry Cough, Veganic Starberry, Veganic Cherry Lopez, Veganic Kosher Kush and Veganic Ghost OG... They are curing now and will be on the shelf soon!

Veganic Phantom OG

Greatest I've ever had

Unbelievable. Best I've ever had. I'd love to do more of a review for symptoms and such (only clicked a few above), but B&R is out of this right now. Essentially, I was coherent, focused and clear. Smiley, giggly and everything was much more fun. This made me want to go walking in the sunshine. I will smoke this until the day I die.

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Buds and Roses Collective
13047 Ventura Blvd. Studio City,