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  • Reviewed 1/24/13

Diesel Dog (SG) (CG)

Diesel Dog (SG) (CG)

(East Coast Sour Diesel x Chem Dawg 91) “Sun Grown” “Clean Green”

Visual: Lime-green calyxes with burnt sienna pistils

Aroma: Sweet pine with undertones of fresh grass and whole-grains.

Taste: Apparent flavor of pine, but unfortunately the strains terpenes barely transmit to the pallet.

Combustion: Moderately smooth and tingles the sinuses. When burning this flower it generates an abnormally thick amount of smoke.

Observations: The flower structure is dominated by Chem Dawg. The similarities exist in the pistils and tightly formed calyxes. In contrast, the shade of color and overall fragrance resembles majorly Sour Diesel.

Effect: Almost instantaneous and tremendously cerebral. The heady effect is clean and sharp; contributing to focus and alertness. Minimal body alteration or haze effect. Making this strain prime for concentration and parting with minor post effects. Though effective the potency is not long in duration.

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  • Reviewed 1/21/13

Blue Dream Local SG

Quality Sun Grown flower

(Blueberry x Haze phenotype) “Sun Grown” and Clean Green certified

History: Santa Cruz native strain

Visual: Olive green bud calyxes covered with orange-clay pistils

Aroma: Lemon and pine needles

Taste: Sweet pine flavors coat the pallet.

Combustion: Incredibly smooth smoke to the lungs and sinuses; assuring a proper flushing method.

Observations: Well manicured with a dense bud structure. This harvest is moderately dry, but not “dried out”. Copious amounts of bulbous glands with fully intact stalked trichomes. Potentially making this strain high yielding and potent for concentrating hash.

Effect: Psychoactive and thought provoking medicine. A subtle body result, but an evident increase in serotonin level. Cerebrally stimulating, inducing a trance-like effect. I found my thoughts scattered and ambiguous opposed to direct and attentive. The effect was fast enacting, certainly not a prolonged or “creeper” strain with minimal post-hangover effects. The potency is credibly strong including a long-lasting effect.

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  • Reviewed 6/8/11

Sweet and Sour

The Sour OG kush has a very sweet and earthy aroma. The smell defintly carries over threw the smoke and has a tart taste. It is also smooth on the pallet and the effect has a long duration. I am very pleased with this med especially since im not the biggest fan of OG kush strains.