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  • Reviewed 9/4/17

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Roots Bay Area

Cool delivery service

Went to them before they changed their name and I'm happy I stuck with them because I like the new name/business even more. Accepts credit which is always a plus in my book. The quality of the flower is definitely better than other deliveries in the area and comparable to dispensaries.

Green Crack Minis

Roots Bay Area


Super good deal when you're nearing the end of your month!! They give you more than an eighth for sure too.. I weighed mine out cause I was curious and it was well over 4g. For dollar point flower that's this quality you really can't complain about the small bud size.. plus I always break my stuff up so who cares

Lavender Batter

Roots Bay Area

Tastes good

I never buy shatter or wax or anything but I tried it out today cause my friend has a rig and everything and I'm glad I went with the high quality stuff. Sure, it's a little on the expensive side but Moxie is a really well known brand my friend assured me and it tasted better than other stuff I've tried.

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