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  • Reviewed 12/3/12

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Angel's Care Collective

Best in the South Bay

Angel's Care is one of the friendliest clubs I've ever been to. The staff is professional and the layout is enormous. All the flowers are prominently displayed in Fido jars and are available for inspection and sniff tests. I prefer this style over the more common pre-bagged way many clubs are run. There are a wide range of prices, but anything under 50 is usually trash. I really do appreciate the fact they have a 15-55 an 8th range though. The specials are decent, some better than others, but the price is just right at ~$40. If you aren't getting a special, expect to spend 50-55 for quality bud. Definitely inspect the strains as some aren't grown as well as others. I could swear a few top shelf strains I've tried have been kiefed as well (don't known if this is done pre-club or not). If you spend over $100, you get any $10 buck item for free.

The budtenders are personable; however, only a few know anything about weed. The guy with the beard for cancer patients and the older tender with grey hair are your best bets.

If you haven't grabbed the cookie cut yet, you can spend $200 bucks and get it here, lol. The rest of the clones are regular price and there are plenty of seeds. Be careful with Motherchucker though.

[Edit: I must admit the past few times I've gone the bud tenders have displayed a much higher level of weed knowledge than I have seen in the past. The new MMA guy is one of the few tenders I've met that truly live for this plant.]

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Thank you very much! Please remember we always have 7 Top Shelf Strains on special for 42/eighth donation.

  • Reviewed 12/3/12

One of the best

Harborside tends to set the standard for bay area clubs. Most of their medicine is tested, %'s are posted, and the budtenders tend to know a bit more than others (this isn't saying much considering most budtenders don't know anything about the strains or their history). That said, I wouldn't recommend clones here as I've generally heard bad things. Seeds on the other hand, are good depending on the breeder.

The San Jose location is tucked away in a generic commercial area surrounded by tech. The staff is warm and welcoming with hip hop accents similar to the Green Door. All the mid-high grades are good and come in a variety of candy club flavors. I'd like to see some better deals here, as I've never walked out spending less than $50 an eighth. The quality is definitely reflected in the price, but, my wallet can't always justify when I can usually find a better deal for the price elsewhere. With all the OD crops being done now, it should be easier to find a zip of HQ OD for $250.

Edit: Thanks for the reply!

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Thank you very much for your support and feedback, for future reference we do regularly have Sungrown ounces priced at $185.

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Angel's Care Collective
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