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  • Reviewed 2/20/11

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The Herbal Connoisseur

The Best

I'm glad I found this place, they have a lineup of meds that is truly amazing. Purples, OG's, and many many more. I have tried the purple princess and aso have had the platnium wreck, and my most favorite the Skywalker OG. This is 1 of the most potent and flavorfull OG I have experienced. Its got that Lemon Pledge scent that a true OG flavor should have and smoke very smooth. A must try IMO. Now that they have extended their hours I will visit more often. Thanks guys for allowing patient such as myself and others to get to a quality club from 9-9 daily. Do yourself a favor and visit THC to be as happy a patient as me.

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The Herbal Connoisseur
4261 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento,