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  • Reviewed 8/16/12

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The Apothecarium

My 1st experience

With my first ever visit to any dispensary I had to say it was pretty pleasant to come here. This place is on a very busy street with available parking nearby with some creativity. I walked in and I gave the guard my card/id and he had me sit down and gave me a menu to look at while being verified. The place was very clean and looks like a high end look.

My overall experience was quick, about 20-30 min total. Im reserving a star due to the higher prices, despite their "specials" and the lame pre-filled cartridges. They are $40 and got 15 hits at the most out of it which kind of pissed me off. I usually get $25 cartridges that last me 2 days and I can casually hit it all day long. I bought the same flower at another place and it was significantly cheaper.

I wouldnt go out of my way but I will probably go back.

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