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  • Reviewed 8/30/11

My Fav

Jack Flash is one that I have gottin on several occations. It is nice and sticky. I really like weeds with the skunky smell too and this is one. I had to want a couple of minutes before I could go in and the waitong area is really nice. I'v been to other clubs where you have to wait in a really long line and its so uncomfortable since I have some back problems.

Really Good Indica

I was really satisfied with this strain of indica. It was strong and had a nice body high. Going to THC is always worth the trip. Everyone is always really nice to me. I love how their eighths are over the usual amount. I will continue to go back

  • Reviewed 7/15/11

Great combinaltion

Gods Goft is a great combinaion of grand daddy purple and OG kush. It is gods gift! Both of these weeds separate are fantastic but put them together and you have made the perfect pair. I have been to other clubs and they couldn't compair to The Herbal Connoisseur. They always have an excellent selection

  • Reviewed 7/8/11


This strain of indica was amazing, it was totally worth 60 dollars an eighth. It smokes really really good. The first hit gives up a good head change which some weeds don't do and for me that is really important to get the head change. It makes the high that much better. I would get this strain again and also recommend it to others.

  • Reviewed 7/3/11

Wish there was more of a selection in the online menu

The online menu and the actully phsical stock are wildly different( in a bad way). I dont understand how hard it is to take pictures of your product and upload them on to the website. Hire me i work for cheap and its my passion! other than this one very sizable flaw. i love this wholestic clinic. With smoke X's nd O's .you have my love and support always
Breana Williams

  • Reviewed 6/24/11

day high

Sour Diesel is a good weed to smoke if you what a that gets you up. I love that almost sour smell it has. When you smoke it its nice a smooth. Its always good to have a nice sativa if you have stuff to do and don't want a heavy high and not get stuck, or have some in the morning but won't make you tired.

  • Reviewed 6/17/11

Very Skunky

This strain was excellent, it been a while since I had some nice skunky weed and this was it. It smoked great and the high lasted a while. That what I liked, I smoke a lot and so some weed doesn't last that long but I alway get the best from The Herbal Connoisseur.

  • Reviewed 6/10/11

UK Cheese

Uk Cheese

Uk cheese was very good it only took a little bit to get rid of my anxiety. It also lasted a long time. I would definately but uk cheese again. I always go to the Herbal Connissuer. They are the best and always have the best.

  • Reviewed 5/27/11

urkle is the best

This strain was very effective, it help my anxiety and was a great high. It lasted hour I will recommend it to everyone. I liked it sooooooo much I am coming back for more. And I only go to THE HERBAL CONNOISSEUR.