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  • Reviewed 1/24/12

Ocean Grown Earwax

Green Door

there today,gone tomorrow

When I entered the Concentrates room,the HashMaster was out of the room. On top of his glass display counter sat a mini mountain of beautiful buttery flakes of primo golden wax. It was like yh
the scene in Scarface when Pacino is infront of a desktop piled high with "snow".
I was excited just seeing that quantity of Top Shelf stuff. Anyway, the HashMan entered the room,
he used his little digital scale to weigh out a gram into the typical little plastic box.
It was quite full as this product doesn't have much weight to it. OMG when I got home and dropped a little chunk on my titanium nail - B L I S S ! the next day I returned to find the remainder
had been sold out! that's why I gotta keep checking back with these guys. From one day to the next
you could miss out on the Ambrosia. But fear not, these guys always have amazing quality and variety.

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