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  • Reviewed 7/14/17

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

Best in the East Bay esp. if you aren't in the 1% :)

Great variety and quality, especially if you are on a budget. Everyone working there also seem steady and not fake or spaced out. Really professional and positive experience, decent parking, I don't think you will be disappointed. If you are really fussy, then stay with the 1/8th's that are over 25.00, and hash over 20. a gram. That's my .02 for what it's worth.

Honeydew Glue Bubble

Had to come back for more immediately! :D

All I can say is upon leaving the dispensary I just took one hit and felt the effects right away. They were uplifting without being jittery, nice taste and smell so went back and got a second gram and a better hash pipe. For 20.00 a gram this is a bargain, I'm guessing Nasha had a larger batch of this strain so discounted it? Anyway get it while you can, it does settle down but not too far down. I feel the uplifting quality of the Glue, then of course it might be different for you. Cheers BPG, nice work on the buying of such nice quality for a reasonable price.

  • Reviewed 11/5/16

OG Kush - 500mg Cartridge

Powerful stuff

This is one of the first cartridges I've tried, and wow it's very potent. Be sensible when using these as if you over do it you might end up with a headache. Yes they are quite expensive but it only took a few puffs to get me where I wanted to go. So much easier on the lungs and so clean! I tried a few others at the same time, and found the OG cart. to be the strongest and most uplifting. Others just made me feel relaxed which is fine, but the OG did a good job of giving me the uplifting sensation before the relaxing so was more fun for me to use overall. A side note, I feel BPG is very fair when it comes to backing up these products. If it doesn't work or really gave you no benefit, please do give them a chance to make good on what they sell, they want us to be happy. I am not an employee just another patient, so I get nothing for making these comments other than trying to spread the positive message. :) Try these out if you are a bit tired of all the smoke, waste, coughing and other side effects from smoking flowers or concentrates. They are very stealthy, I can't believe I was puffing on one in the car with my MOM, and she didn't complain. :D ENJOY!

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  • Reviewed 1/12/16

Lemon Haze Pre-Roll

unfortunately, no medicinal value, not worth one dime let alone 10.00

I tried these pre rolls, they were rolled so tightly I couldn't draw on it. Then I took it apart and tried it and it seemed to have very little active THC left. I also tried the Mango Kush pre roll and had the same experience. I cannot help but wonder how long these sit on the shelf, and who on earth is rolling these? Whoever it is, they are probably not smoking them. :/ I'm weary of the policy that states no returns on items that we consumers are not happy with. We need regulation of this industry, how about dates rolled, dates harvested, dates tested? I'm tired of throwing money away, so no more pre rolls for me. Certainly this is just one person's experience, so maybe they worked for someone else.

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  • Reviewed 11/18/15

Sun Grown Orange Headband

Dry, crumbly, untrimmed, not a good bargain

I was disappointed with this batch, and even at 5.00 a gram it was not a good bargain. I barely got any sensation at all other than a slight headache after smoking a one gram joint. My tolerance is pretty low at the moment, so that told me the THC had probably degraded. Who knows when the actual testing was done?! It was also untrimmed and really dry, seemed like it could have been from last season. Even five a gram is too much for something that is basically only good for building a compost pile. :/

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Hi BOTANYPROF! Thanks for the review. Our products are tested and labeled just before they hit our shelves. Under the new Berkeley regulations, we are required to print the manufacture date of every product on the product label. This label also includes cannabinoid test results. Alas, we are sorry you didn't enjoy the product. I have passed your feedback along to my purchasing team. Thanks for keeping up on the reviews! We appreciate it!

  • Reviewed 10/14/15

Pre '98 Bubba

Really positive experience!

All I can say is I can admit I've been out for a few days so my tolerance is a bit low now, but needless to say all I had was a few hits from a joint and wow, helped me calm down and relax. I really needed a break from opiates and this does the trick. What a wonderful buy at 20/1/8 testing over 20%THC. It had a very high quality medicinal value for me, and I bet it will for many others, sounds like it already has and I'm not surprised! :) Cheers BPG, once again you gave me access to meds that instantly helped and it didn't take much, which really helps if your budget is severely limited. Wow what a treat! But I'm still energetic enough to enjoy my movie and I agree, it doesn't make me feel down at all, but did relieve pain., which is not an easy combination to find! An hour and 1/2 later still have a good sensation of relaxation but not too sleepy, so this is a long lasting effect. Also tried some in a magic flight box and that was really tasty and it helped as this is strong and a bit on the harsh side smoking, so in the vape it had a great sort of herbal sweet piney taste. I'll be back for more, and might even try to make some capsules from it. Enjoy!

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  • Reviewed 7/23/15

Platinum OG H2O

Best I've had in ages!

This hash is excellent, it brings your BP and pain levels down while remaining quite perky and functional. The Thc level at over 50% works best for me, I love being able to just take a couple of hits and get on with my business which this allowed me to do. I'm really impressed with this and wish I were rich I would buy all they have in stock. :) But since I'm not, and since I'm still feeling it about an hour later, it looks like this gram will last longer than most, which is also what I look for. It's smooth and tasty too, cheers BPG, nice work!

  • Reviewed 7/2/15

Sensi H2O

A pleasant sensation but short lived for me...

After a few hits I felt more relaxed, this is what I consider to be a light indica so I didn't expect a heavy stony feeling. I would like it to have been a bit more cerebral and lasting, but it's ok, just not great. That's my experience anyway. :) After having it one day I went through more than 1/2 of the gram which for me is a lot. What that tells me is that the effect is not lasting as long as I would like, so I'm almost through the gram so some of the lower cost medicine is not what it's cracked up to be, at least this hash just didn't do it for me and I can't afford to toss money around. :) At the end, it just gave me the munchies and made me feel a bit fatigued, so maybe this was not a great batch as I've had great experience with the Sensi Star strain. Just my 02. for what it's worth, cheers!

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  • Reviewed 6/28/15

Purple Erkle

Expected more...

I concur with the other poster's overall review, with the reported level of THC I expected a better body high and pain relief. I kept waiting for something good and relaxing to happen, but for the most part the only thing I felt was the munchies. After several hits, it didn't even promote good sleep, so overall for 14.00 a gram I was disappointed. Maybe another batch will be better but I'm glad I didn't invest in more this time around.

  • Reviewed 6/19/15

Sun Grown Skunk Dream

Oh my! Ahhh! Thank you BPG!

Only one or two hits and I was on my way to a busy yet relaxed day. :D This is a great deal, look at that THC for the price. 1 hour later and i don't feel the need for another hit yet, so this is all it promised to be and then some. The eighth had some pretty dense bud in it as well and smells skunky for sure. Thanks again BPG for affordable high quality medicine, enjoy people!

Thanks for the review... and the love! Sun Grown Skunk Dream is one of our favorite sun-grown flowers.

Mendo Bubble

Great deal, thanks BPG!

This is my third try of this hash, and it never fails to deliver a consistently mellow long lasting high. All it takes is a hit or two and you can get on with your day. It is one of the few mixed strain bubble hashes that works for me, most just give me a headache. It's also great to sprinkle while you tinkle on top of some flowers for a more potent joint to take out on a hike. Enjoy people, this is a great buy with consistently high quality, it's not dry it's granular yet a bit sticky,and also has high THC levels, at least 49%! It really helped me deal with a lot of symptoms, especially pain and anxiety, but what I really love about it is the price and that I don't have to use a lot to get good long lasting effects.

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So glad you enjoyed the Mendo Bubble! It is definitely great hash. Thanks for the review!

  • Reviewed 10/24/12

Dispensary Review:

Tea House Collective

The best medical cannabis in the bay area!!

I found Teahouse on stickyguide just in the nic of time! I'm disabled and by the time I paid full price for years at the local brick and mortar dispensaries, my funds were depleated and so were my spirits. The quality of the cannabis at Teahouse is far superior to any I had at any local dispensary in the east bay area! So at half the price and top shelf blow your mind bud, how can anyone resist? And free delivery helps so much, standing in line these days really hurts physically. I love these guys, they have integrity and also are very helpful to get you the right meds for you. They even give you a free sample to try first, no local dispensary I've been to does that! :) I've also had a great experience with them in general, they deliver the same day you order and if you don't like the meds and want to try another strain instead, they often can come out the next day. So no more standing in line for lousy quality bud, thank you Teahouse!

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Jack Frost

Tea House Collective

It just makes you feel happy!

Uplifting without making you hyper or paranoid, I really like to use this with some of their CBD oil to manage nerve related back pain at high levels. I can even cut glass on this and do intricate work so it's very good if you want to be productive yet relieve pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and a sour stomach. This is a great strain!

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This is some very potent OG, made me feel very relaxed yet uplifted. It also helped me with pain and anxiety, and just made me feel good in general. Not too spacey but I wouldn't describe the high couch lock, it was more uplifting than that and made me giggle too. Love it~!

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Tea House Collective

Great stuff for pain relief

I love to use this with their Jack Frost for great pain relief without ending up too spaced out. A little goes a long way, a gram lasts me about 1 to 2 weeks. If you use enough at a time it almost has an opiate like effect, like a warm river running throughout your body, easing pain and stiffness at high levels. It has almost 50% thc so it's also quite potent and helps make your bud last longer.

  • Reviewed 3/25/12

Maui Kush Bubble

Ahhhh nice!

After just a couple of hits from my pipe this hash really has a very nice calming effect. It also took my pain levels down a couple of notches, so I don't have to use as much pain meds. to get through the rest of the day/night. I use daily so it takes a punch to hit me fast. Well this hash is not a lock down sort of feeling unless you want to smoke a lot, I didn't need to have much more than a bowl or 2 to get a nice effect and 1 hour later still feel relaxed and lower pain levels. I think you get what you pay for but can also get a decent bargain with research! :) It also had a nice taste and wasn't harsh. Hope this works for you too!

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