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  • Reviewed 10/18/16

Started Strong Ended Weak

When I first started buying Bumblebee products I was very satisfied. Occasionally I purchased pen refills that were defective but I didn't mind because I was always able to swap out the bad refills for new ones. Bumblebee is no longer swaping out bad products. NOW I EITHER HAVE TO EAT THE COST OR ASK MY DISPENSARY TO EAT THE COST AND GIVE ME A DIFFERENT PRODUCT. . . NOT COOL. I have 3 refill cartridges that have leaked, one leaked in the package! I will never buy Bumblebee again. Why should I or my dispensary eat the cost when Bumblebee sold us bad product? Not ok. Fortunately I have an awesome delivery dispensary who is going to eat the cost and give me new products. SHOUT OUT TO HEALTHY GREENS HAYWARD FOR RESPECTING THE CUSTOMER AND NOT LEAVING US WITH A SHITTY, UNUSABLE PRODUCT.

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