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  • Reviewed 3/6/18

Legend of Nigeria

Kinfolk Dispensary

The Legend is Real...Really Real!

Many times when a product is named something as hyperbolic as Legend of Nigeria, it is usually just a marketing ploy. This is not true about the Legend. I am a survivor from the first cannabis wave in the '70's and experienced flower that has been from fantastic to depressingly disappointing. The first time that I inhaled it, I got the most intense rush I have ever felt from cannabis. Not paying attention to how much I consumed, something occurred that I had never experienced before. I had what I would call a heroin "nod." I actually sat, with my head slumped down for a good 3-5 minutes. Once this past, I enjoyed one of the most intense, yet satisfying highs ever. I consider Legend to be Thing One and Goji OG to be Thing Two. The psychoactive effect lasted 3-4 hours and gradually decreased, leaving me STARVING!!

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Fruity Thai

Kinfolk Dispensary

Fruity Thai

Fruity Thai is has a citrus smell and flavor which enhances the overall effect of the flowers. The psychoactive effects of the flower are fine in the sense that you reach a nice high, but it does not last as long as I would have liked. The quality of the flower was excellent.

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Acapulco Gold

Kinfolk Dispensary

Acapulco Gold

This strain is legendary in the sense that almost everyone who has been inside of the cannabis culture has heard of it. It is a very satisfying flower to smoke and gives one the sensation of having a mellow high. For me, it was very long lasting but allowed for a gradual "come-down" from the psychoactive effects. This strain should be saved so it will continue to be a legend.

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Goji O.G.

Kinfolk Dispensary

Goji OG is a Beast

I would consider this flower to be among the most potent and relatively long lasting. I compare this to The Legend of Nigeria which also induces similar effects. The psychoactive effects could cause a new user to have second thoughts about using it because of its strength or how long it lasts, but for me, that is what draws me to it. One can potentially have either the best psychoactive experience with cannabis in your life, or it could send you to CBD strains, and that would be sad. RIDE THE BEAST!!

  • Reviewed 3/2/18

Dispensary Review:

Kinfolk Dispensary

Salvation Next Door to Popeyes

The selection of a dispensary to receive cannabis was easy for me. I was told by individuals who use it, that this dispensary, Metropolitan Wellness Center, was the best in the district. I really appreciate the knowledgeable and courteous staff who have taught me so much more than I had know before when I used to smoke flower recreationally back in the 70' and 80's, aka dirt pot. I would recommend that you are looking for a positive comprehensive experience choose this dispensary.

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