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May 12 ,1961
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 4/2/14

Korova-Reverse Dip Cookie


Wow, 250 MGs, they are SO not kidding!

I have a tolerance to edibles built up, it takes about 45 mgs of THC or it just doesn't do the job for me. With Korova, that is SO NOT an issue! When they say 250 mgs and 5 doses of med they aren't kidding! For 12$ you get FIVE doses of stony medicine and it knocked me on my butt! This cookie actually tastes good, too, not borderline icky like thier 51/50 tastes, great job it does, but the higher one doesn't taste as good as this cookie. The vanilla fudge it's coated with tastes AWESOME and OMG is it effective! Go with caution when dosing with this cookie. I ate about 3/4 over the whole day yesterday and to be honest, I don't remember much of the day, except for falling asleep face down in the couch. Korova means business! For 12$ I highly recommend this cookie, great taste and 5 great doses for the money, it's a really good buy. For those of you with lower tolerances go with caution with this cookie. Really awesome, though and I highly recommend it!

  • Reviewed 1/29/14

Venice Co-Strawberry Lemonade


Awesome Drinkable Med!!

This strawberry lemonaide tastes GREAT!!! I was so shocked, most of the time if a medible is effective, either drink or edible, it tastes like pretty horrible medicine but NOT this product!! Seriously, you'll be tempted to drink WAY more than you should dosage-wise. I got about 3 really good doses out of this bottle, but it takes about 45 to 60 mgs a dose to affect me, as I have a pretty decent tolerance built up. Be cautious when dosing with this drink, drink about a quarter first and see how you feel later. It hits me pretty fast with drinks, usually in about 15 or 20 minutes on an empty stomach. I found this drink to have a very Sativa heavy buzz effect. No couch-lock here! I drink about a third, then prepare to create in the kitchen or do some intensive cleaning or chores around the house. It's a nice head buzz, that's where I feel it and effective for neurological pain control also. I haven't tried this with a migraine yet, but am sure I will soon and I'll let you know how that goes. This is a nice drink to "layer" also. Most medible eaters know what I'm talking about, but for those that don't, once patients who exclusively eat thier meds build up a tolerance, we tend to layer our meds on top of each other. This also helps prevent lapses in pain control. For instance, I would drink about 1/4 of this strawberry lemonaid, then eat 1/4 of a medible cookie or other medicated edible, then proceed with trying to survive my day at home, not driving. If I have a dr.s apt or such, I always take care of those early morning, then come home and medicate. No DUI's for me, thank you!!

  • Reviewed 1/24/14

Dispensary Review:

Northstar Holistic Collective

Great selection and prices!!

Nice collective! I only wish that there was security visible in the parking lot. The walk out to my car in that area was scary!! Other than that, the gentlemen inside were nice and helpful. Clean, well organized...they got me registered as a new patient in about 15 minutes and inside being helped by the 2 budtenders. The budtenders were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They gave me some really good guidance in picking out my meds and I got a nice, free gram for being a new customer! Overall, with thier wide and varied menu, (prices are VERY good!) I will be back!!

Baked Treats 4x

Magically Delicious!

Really nice flavored munchie! The Lucky Charms bar by Ganja Goodies is listed as 4 doses of hybrid medication wise. For once, pretty accurate! The buzz is hybrid like, a bit on the sativa side, so couch lock isn't a big problem and the indica aspect takes care of the anxiety/pain I have from fibromyalgia. It takes me about 45 mgs for an effective dose of an edible. That being said, this bar was about 3 daytime doses for me. Nice, mellow buzz. Last reviewer was correct, empty stomach it took about 30 minutes to hit and when you eat something with or before, takes more like an hour to hit. AWESOME flavor for this bar by Ganja Goodies and very effective for a 10$ edible! I was pleasantly surprised! I also tried the Trix bar and loved that too! Dosing was similar and the flavor was superior! REally really highly (LOL) recommend! Nice, fresh flavor and NOT nasty hashy at all. Rrreally enjoyed these as they taste good!!! Try them, you won't be disappointed!

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