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  • Reviewed 3/14/19


It starts with just a little fire...

Wow. Just wow, man.

This sticky, soft, and fragrant flower is pricey to be sure, but it also packs a nice wallop that creeps up on you and then, BAM! Oh My God, Mildred! I think I'm high!

At first, I thought I was going to get a clear-head buzz, out of the half gram of cantaloupe essence I was smoking, but this wake and bake was truly a surprise. Melonade is the kind of sativa that can be anything you want it to be - just make sure it follows your lead.

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  • Reviewed 8/1/18

Agile Sativa Pre-Rolls (7/Pack)

Like Sunshine for the Agile Mind

Don't ever fall prey to the misbelief that THC percentage matters as much as a really good grower and an excellent hybrid strain. At only 16% THC this delightful 3.5-gram blend of Chemdawg 91 (60%), Jack Frost (25%), and Clementine (15%) sure packs a wallop!

Immediately, upon inhaling I noticed the smoothness of the smoke, the delicate heady essence of the decarboxylation, and that wonderful haze around the eyes. Soon after, my mind was jumping through hoops as I began to access my own personal Akashic records and found the thread of this review and oh, God, yes, I was high!

But I digress.

The only thing preventing me from giving this product 5Stars is that it has a weird burn. A few times, I had to suck like a Hoover to get a good draw, but hey, when you are waking and baking - shifting your energy towards mobility and facing the outside world - maybe a few deep breaths are a good thing.


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  • Reviewed 6/7/18

Cherry Haze Cone

The Lure of the Haze

There's something about the lure of the haze that draws us back time and time again to partake of its medicine, and this offering by Berkeley Patients Group is no different.

The sweet heady aroma tantalizes the senses, making its way past the lips - and into the core - suffusing the head, lungs, and heart with an aphrodisiac for the imagination.

Before you know it, you're drawn into a state of reverie - where the script can be flipped, the narrative re-written, and where your own life story becomes layered with new meaning; a new way of doing and being you.

Within minutes, your brain is galloping on the back of a day-mare, and your choice is to wander your thoughts with curiosity, a vacation for the head and heart from life's mundanity - or to focus your energies on manifesting the art of an idea into physical substance, becoming creators in our own right, a reflection of the Divine.

For the solo practitioner of marijuana magick, this strain is god-send, bringing just the right allure to lighten your mood and send you down that yellow brick road of possibility. For artists, and writers, BPG's Cherry Haze may just be the muse you're looking for.


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  • Reviewed 4/28/18

Ghost Train Pre-Rolls (2/Pack)

Day-trippin' with the Ghost Train Haze

We don't daydream enough.

Maybe you, like I, were beaten out of the habit - traumatized by a red-headed freckle-faced 3rd-grade teacher who used the Vulcan neck pinch to teach us, children, to pay attention.

Well, thank God for marijuana!

As a writer and a human being, I have learned that it is healthy to let your brain wander - to stare out the living room window and become one with the rhythms of the seasons as they change. To not fear where the brain takes you, but allow yourself to be open, non-judgemental, and curious. This is the lure of the Ghost Train Haze.

Like a meditation, the smoke slips up on you, whispering past your lips and tongue - a caress that opens up the lungs. Before you know it, you are untethered from the demands of the present and find yourself time-slipping in the heart of creativity - where questions become answers and time has no meaning - the realm of new possibilities.

So, the next time you need a reprieve from a highly scheduled life, try Emerald's Ghost Train Haze and take a day-trip in your own imagination.

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  • Reviewed 4/13/18

Orange Sunshine Pre-Rolls(2/Pack)

"You are my Sunshine, My Orange Sunshine"

I am always looking for a good sativa and this one definitely qualifies. From it's citrus essence to its puffy clouds around the eyes - from its giggly nature that shows up with others - to its hopeful optimism and a headspace for creativity and sensory awareness when alone - Emerald's Orange Sunshine may just be the E-ticket both you and I need for our next euphoric ride. Selah.

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  • Reviewed 3/18/18

Ember Caramel Cashew & Cayenne

A perfect lift to my imperfect days

When I first began my journey with medical marijuana, I stayed away from edibles. Due to a few unfortunate incidents brought on by my ignorance in regards to dosing, needless to say, I had no desire to repeat the experience.

After working behind the counter, I learned that edibles are about
1) Finding the right fit for your needs (Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid),
2) Timing: Onset for a digestible is usually between an hour and an hour and a half and should give you a nice high for a couple of hours after that, and
3) Microdosing: Give yourself time to figure out your sweet spot, experiment with it - Give yourself at least two hours from intake before considering increasing your dose.

Example: I take the ember granola bar, which is quite tasty, turn the four clusters into sixteen, and pop one piece in my mouth every two hours; this keeps me on a consistent buzz throughout my whole day.

Pair that with some CBD to curb any anxiety that arises or aches and pains that distract me from staying present to my world and I've got a one-two punch that gives me a perfect lift to my imperfect days.

  • Reviewed 1/12/18

Sun Grown Candyland

Candyland - a giggly sativa

When I first tried Candyland it made me giggle like a schoolgirl. In fact, just reminiscing about my "first time," well, hell, it makes me smile. Similar to a blue dream in its floatiness, Candyland pairs some of the best elements of both Sativa and Indica to create a pleasant time of reflection and meditation while alone, and the warm fuzzies of camaraderie when puffing and passing with friends.

  • Reviewed 11/20/17

Sun Grown Agent Orange

Ah, the seduction of Agent Orange...

This tantalizing hybrid comes upon you like a classic Bond movie. From its elegant texture when ground, to the subtle aromatics of its decarboxylation, this herb will wrap around you like an old friend and lull you into a daydream of mild euphoria.

The only drawback I had to the experience, if any, was a little bit of cotton mouth, and the impression of orange zest that accompanied the ebb and flow of smoke from my lips, but hey - it reminded me of having my mouth washed out with orange dial like when I was a kid - but maybe that's just me. ;-D

  • Reviewed 9/9/17

Oregon Lemons

The Perfect Hybrid?

This Oregon bred Lemon Diesel and Face Off OG combo may just be the perfect hybrid. Bringing almost immediate pain relief and relaxation, this tasty treat offers a balanced attention in both the body and the mind. Whether you are following your bliss or fellowshipping with friends, this medicine is a sure godsend to the equilibrium.

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