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  • Reviewed 10/2/18

Citrus Tango CBD

Keeps You Even Keel

This flower is light and relaxing, and it is great for a number of different ailments. It has a calming effect on the mind and body. Great for loss of appetite, pain, anxiety, depression. This strain comes on slow, but steady. In a few minutes, you will be wondering, "where is the pain?", where is the anxiety? It lifts yiu up and you want to get going to do things! Great strain! CONS- it has a strange taste.

  • Reviewed 7/29/18

Green Love Potion

Herbal Alternatives

Hello, Green Love!

Wow! first of all, there is a big Improvement on the taste. When they switched over from the first wonderful formula, the next formula tasted horrible to me! This new batch is a pain reliever, fixes loss of appetite quickly, I only used a little to put in the pipe; roughly one good pull, and quickly learned respect for this strain. When trying it for the first time, I recommend that you only use a little. I came on slowly and quickly picked up steam! I even heard the ringing in my ears for a little while afterwards. You feel uplifted at first, but it has the potential for "couch lock". Again, use CAUTION while medicating with this strain!

  • Reviewed 5/18/18

Dispensary Review:

Kinfolk Dispensary

They don't treat you right! Go to another Dispensary!

DON'T EVER GO TO THIS DISPENSARY! Each time I went, I was not treated right. The 1st time, the staff person helped me by cheating me, charging me for the free pre-roll. I went back w/the receipt & got my money back. After that, THE NEXT VISIT, TODAY, Norelco (I believe he gave me a "bumm" name) signed me in and another person came in after mr. He took the person after me, after waiting all that time. I immediately protested, and he srugged his shoulders & said that the other person misread the list. I was furious and told him then they should have called that person out, and make it right. Then he tells that that the next person will be finished soon. He doesnt know that I heard him talking to the person handlin the patients and they called my name, so they knew I was next. That was WRONG AND DISRESPECTFUL! DO NOT GO TO THIS DISPENSARY! THEY DO NOT TREAT PATIENTS RIGHT! GO TO ANOTHER ONE, WHERE YOU WILL BE TREATED RIGHT, AND WITH RESPECT AS A PATIENT! AND THERE ARE OTHER DISPENSARIES THAT ARE LOWER IN PRICE, RESPECTFUL AND WON'T CHEAT YOU! TRY HERBAL ALTERNATIVES! THEY WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT! ALWAYS!

  • Reviewed 9/9/16

Cream by Liberty

This Stuff is GOOD!

This was recommended to me by one of my great Budtenders! I mentioned that I was having leg cramps and muscle spasms and Jen recommend that I try this cream. I rubbed it on and a few minutes later, I starting feeling a nice sensation in my muscles (leg) and the the cramping and spasms stopped after about 10 minutes! If you suffer with cramps or muscle spasms , this cream is definitely a great topical product.

  • Reviewed 7/24/16

Holy Grail Purps

Holy Smokes!

WOW! Where do I begin? First, I recommend rolling a small joint and then only take three hits and see how it effects you. I love the rich dark purple color of the flower. You feel the effects gradually, and each second it speeds up, then you feel this heavy head high followed by body relaxation. It is calming and about 5 minutes later I realized that I felt NO pain in my body. Also, it did not make me anxious. CAUTION! If you live in an apartment or condo unit, you will need to have a can of Lysol handy... the smell is VERY strong! Great for evening and night time.

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  • Reviewed 3/3/16

Cannatonic LR5


True to its name

If you want to be painless, relaxed, mindless (meaning you don't have a care in the world), yet upbeat, then Cannatonic LR5 is the strain for you. I find that it is better used during the day time; I tried it in the evening and had trouble getting to sleep. One thing I did notice is the taste of the Cannatonic LR5 was a little strong for some reason.

  • Reviewed 2/18/16

Dispensary Review:

Herbal Alternatives

Wonderful Dispensary!!!!

This dispensary is GREAT! They are always personalble, they get to know you by name, and they are VERY knowledgeable about the different strains. I suffer from a number of conditions, so I needed two (2) different strains- one for day, one for night. They recommended the Medijuana and the Green Love Potion.

The Green Love Potion is GREAT! VERY uplifting, while eliminating the pain and also ending the nausea. It actually makes me want to get things done! VERY UPLIFTING.

I love the way they explain the different strains and the effects of the strains. HA even follows up with you on every visit to ensure that the last visit was good and knowledgeable for each patient, and they also consult with you on the mix of medicine you choose. If need be, they will immediately consult with you on other strain options.

Kudos to Herbal Alternatives!!!!!

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Dear Bella Dama,

Thank you for your kind kind words! We're so glad we could find a strain that works for your condition. That's exactly what we strive for! Have a wonderful day.

Stay Well!

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