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  • Reviewed 9/27/17

Banana Cream Pie

Bloom Room

Honey Naners

I decided to try the Honey Banana at Bloom Room and I'm super glad. I'm a huge fan of indica's but honestly, they kick my butt. Being the huge fan of the Banana strains that I am, I naturally was drawn to the appeal of a more hybrid feeling Banana strain. I'm glad I did! The Honey Banana delivered a mid-day experience with a nice cerebral touch that had me putting on my Ray-bans and attacking the world.

I look for strains that help my legs move without even thinking, this was awesome.

  • Reviewed 9/20/17

Banana OG

Bloom Room

This Hit is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

This Banana OG is amazing! Smooth, and a really nice cerebral couch lock. Hard to beat, honestly.

If you're a flavor person like me you'll go ape over it. I like to take my time and smoke on a nice backwoods and watch the game or play some video games.

Dont miss out!

  • Reviewed 8/30/17

Kiva Terra - 100mg - Blueberries

Bloom Room

I love big bluebs , I cannot lie.

I wanted to leave this review for the 1 or 2 poor souls who haven't tried these yet! I say that because these are easily one of the most popular and tasty eddies we have for starters and stoner vets alike. High quality chocolate edible packed in a reusable and resealable tin. Tin of Tin would recommend!

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Dabacus - Romulan (LR)

Bloom Room


Thing is with live resin, you love it for the taste! Thing about this Romulan is, you love it for the taste! That's if you are veteran enough to keep both eyes open after a nice dab. Def one of the sweetest smells and tastes of the lineup, I very rarely stray too far. Gotta have my Dabasco sauce!