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  • Reviewed 11/7/10

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Love Shack

Not for everyone

Unlike the previous reviewer, my experience here was mediocre at best. The door guy was smoking a huge, Rasta style joint. I had to go back to work and I was concerned that I might reek from the big billow of smoke he belched into my face. It was my first time here and he took a cursory glance at my card and told me it was not good enough. I had just jumped through that hoop earlier in the week and got a legitimate card from MMEC over in Oakland. He handed me a piece of paper and told me I had to go to Oakland to pay more money to get "their" card. I pushed back and he let me in but with an "only this time" comment. The budtender was very cool, nice and helpful. It somewhat made up for the front door. Still, I was not going to go back to Oakland to spend another $75 for another card. I picked up some blond hash that turned out to be very nice with a concentrated Indicia punch that I was looking for. The product there looked fine. Nothing so great that I would deal with the "special, second card" and doorman BS again. There's a lot of good product out there, why go where I was not welcome? Plus, it kind of puts me off when the guy at the door, the first person you meet (for me the first time there) is totally stoned and kind of a dick. Sorry, I'm just being honest here. Lots of good reviews on Yelp. Perhaps it was just a off day.

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