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  • Reviewed 6/2/14

Sour Diesel

Inexpensive but effective

When I purchased, this strain was $35 per eighth, which I think is a pretty good deal given its potency (medium/moderate high.) I feel a nice Sativa kind of high when I smoke this, and I like it a lot. I'm not sure I will repurchase soon because I like trying new strains, but if I can't find something I like better then I could return to it and be happy.

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Yummy and potent

If you have a low tolerance, definitely don't even try this Kiva bar. Start out with one of the little $5 squares in the lower dosage to make sure you can tolerate it. That said, I am pretty good with edibles (both my tolerance and pacing myself), and I enjoy this quite a lot. I can take a very small bite (like probably the size of 2 chocolate chips) and feel good for hours afterwards. I'm not 100% sure what type of marijuana is in this bar, but I get a pretty good body buzz with a bit of a cerebral high when I take this medicine. I like it a lot, and I will definitely re-purchase, but like I said: BEWARE because it is very strong.

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Not too shabby for $10

This pre-roll was pretty awesome. It looks like it was made using the RAW cones, which I freaking love anyway, and the bud inside is very smooth and effective. It was like $10 or $12, but it has a lot of product packed inside. I didn't even smoke the whole thing at once. (If you're familiar with the RAW cones, they're the king sized ones.) I also liked the little snapping case it came in, which I will save for when I make my own joints.

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Blue Dream

Can't beat the price

For $35/ an eighth, this stuff is pretty dang amazing. Blue Dream is frequently my go-to since I know that I like it a lot, and this does not disappoint. It isn't quite as strong as other BDs I have tried, but it gets the job done. When I smoke this, it gives me a nice calm (but not sedated) high, probably due to the hybrid qualities. I'll probably keep buying eights of this as kind of my go-to bud and still try other varieties when VHHC gets new strains in.

Thank you for the review. We currently have (2) other Sativa Strains that are priced at $35 1/8th if you want to come in and check them out: Blueberry Cheesecake & Northern Lights.

If you haven't already been compensated for your review, make sure to let us know and we will give you a house joint.

  • Reviewed 4/26/14

First-time experience

I went to VHHC a few weeks ago to try some concentrates, and I was very pleased with the experience. The budtender was incredibly knowledgeable about the products and also quite friendly. She answered questions that I had and recommended products based on what I told her I liked. The setup outside wasn't nearly as fancy as some other places that I've been to, but don't let looks deceive you. All the staff that I interacted with were very friendly, and the "showroom" in the back was brightly-lit and well set-up. They have a good selection of bud based on what I saw, but I didn't try any this time. I was more impressed with all the other stuff they had, like the variety of tinctures, edibles, etc. It really seemed like they had a HUGE variety of medicines for basically any kind of user, and I thought that was really cool. I primarily smoke flowers, but I do occasionally like other things as well. The first-time patient package was a house pre-roll and a house edible, both of which were fine for free. They also gave me a discount for being a first-time patient, and that's what I was most thankful for. I realize in hindsight I should've at least smelled some of their flowers, but it isn't so far away that I won't be going back soon. Their dab bar idea is super cool, because a lot of people (like me) haven't tried dabs yet; when I was there, though, I didn't try it because I was in a bit of a hurry. The wax and the pre-filled vape pen cartridge I bought have both proven to be very nice. I will definitely be going back in a couple of weeks when I need more medicine. I am right in between Sacramento and Vallejo, so I can go either way to find good dispensaries, but this is definitely a great option if you're in the Vallejo area. UPDATE May 2014: I went back and bought a boatload of flowers and got a heck of a deal. 3 1/8ths, a $21 Kiva bar (which is amazing!), 2 pre-rolls, and 2 grams for practically nothing since I took advantage of the birthday discount they offer. The budtender I got this time wasn't quite as enthusiastic as the girl I had before, but it was near closing time on Friday evening, so I am sure they'd been really busy. He was nice, but you know how it is going into the bank, the store, etc when they're about to close. I am digging the flowers I got there, especially the Blue Dream that I got. I am definitely sold on this place, and I highly recommend it if you're in the area.

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Open Vape Cartridge - Hybrid

O-Pen cartridge (Turbo Diesel)

I recently got this when I got my first vape pen, and I really like it. Apparently O-Pen does a lot of different strains in their cartridges, so this review is based off the hybrid one I got that was Turbo Diesel strain. This was my first time vaping liquid cannabis, and I quite enjoyed it. You get a really clean, strong flavor hit. For me, this particular one tastes sorta like sweet tea, and the hit is very refreshing and pleasant. The high that I got from this was pretty good too. The cartridge is fairly discreet, so depending on your confidence level, you could easily get away with consuming this in social situations without necessarily alerting others you aren't smoking tobacco vapor. I asked approximately how many hits you could get off each cartridge, and the budtender said about 100. I'm probably about 2/3 of the way finished with it, and there's still probably at least 15-20 hits, if not more, remaining. (There's no markers to indicate how much oil is remaining, so this is my guess.) The only thing that I really didn't love about this was that it is more expensive than just buying the oil and using it in whatever setup you already have. I think these cartridges are probably best for things like traveling or using in crowded spaces, so they're worth $35 for that. I want to smoke oil in a regular atomizer to compare, but I will probably still buy more of these for when I travel.

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Cherry Pie Crumble

VHHC's Cherry Pie Crumble

This is the first time I tried any wax or concentrate, but I really enjoyed it. I use an Atmos RX vaporizer pen, and it gives great strong, clean hits. Compared to flowers, it tastes amazing. I don't think I would ever switch from flowers to wax as I prefer actual bud by quite a lot, but given the convenience of the wax in the vape pen, I will definitely keep a little wax on-hand. It was definitely cool to smoke, and I felt pretty relaxed and chill after one big hit. After two, I was pretty high and I felt great. I highly recommend this wax if you've never tried a concentrate before.

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