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  • Reviewed 7/5/11

Dispensary Review:

Bernal Heights Cooperative


Happy 4th of July! I experienced BHC for the first time today and I am instantly a new regular.

Fantastic hours (open 'til 8pm today, even on the holiday), Early Bird and Happy Hour specials daily, super convenient location for the public transpo user, really friendly and helpful budtenders, and a nice, clean lounge to medicate in any way you choose.

I'm not expert enough to speak to the price of the bud or hash- though I purchased some of the latter that was nice, and they did have a lovely OG Kush that seemed awesome at $35.

But for me, it's all about the joints. And the bucket full of $5 joints is a thing of beauty to behold! And they are huge! In fact, I've seen these exact joints go for $10 and $16 at two other dispensaries, so after happily paying $5 for a fat Zig/Zag size joint elsewhere, I was in heaven. Oh, and during the special times mentioned above... they are only $4! (As they were all day today for the holiday- NICE.) Since they're super loose, breaking them down and re-rolling them is def the way to go, even if you use it all in one joint, though you can get two. (I found 75% of one made my perfect joint.)

I do totally get and understand what the other user said about the disorganized menu; it's exactly like a coffee house one with the different colored grease pencils, and just like that scenario, it probably makes much more sense once you're a regular. But if you have questions... just ask your budtender!

Overall a great dispensary; I'm so glad I found it!

  • Reviewed 6/15/11

Dispensary Review:


Started out great, but honeymoon kind of over

Medithrive was my first dispensary ever and was a great into into the world of being able to legally and conveniently purchase medicine. Convenient location, friendly staff, good meds, and nice deals offered.

But now (especially since I've had a chance to visit other options), I'm starting to see a few things slip, the way often happens when a place becomes really successful. My main complaints are:

- Routinely running out of joints;
- No longer at least telling you when you call that they are out of joints; you have to be able to check the website before you go;
- Prices seem REALLY high when compared to other dispensaries selling the same medicine (including those who also do 4-gram eighths), and seem to be going upward generally. For example, high grade house-shake just bumped up to $35/4 grams when I can still find the equivalent elsewhere for the old price of $25. And I've found some strains to be not just a couple bucks more per gram, but $4 or $5 bucks more; that adds up!

However the staff (except one guy who was douchey on the phone when I called about joints) is still really nice and helpful- so nice I feel a little bad about this less than stellar review. And the location despite being "16th & Mission-y" is still super convenient to hop off and on BART. But I don't feel as good about giving them my hard-earned dough anymore, and they are no longer my favorite place to go.

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