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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 3/10/11

Newly remodeled!

So the boring lobby I spoke of earlier, is no more. The lobby is twice the size it was before, and much brighter and cleaner. Definitely moving up in decor, on par with el camino and florin's decor now.

The selection is even better, the white and white fire are just dopeness. Reviews for those, coming soon.


Also, some of the budtenders are just not that knowledgable.

Overall thou, decor and selection, put fruitridge on the top of the pack.

  • Reviewed 3/2/11

Dispensary Review:

All About Wellness

one of the best and unique dispensaries in sac.

The area is fairly urban, but not too bad. I didn't feel unsafe at anytime.
The lobby is fairly modern and welcoming, not bad at all.

The dispensaries are split into 2 rooms with the same things, I'm glad as this cuts wait time.

The flowers are all top notch, I could see around 10+ A++ highgrades. Their purps, blackberry kush, and etc. looked ridiculous.

Sadly, I was too poor at the time to buy flowers. So I bought a gram of their goo hash. Their concentrates are just as good as their flowers, and it's good to know that they make 80 percent of it themselves.

Overall this is one of the top dispensaries in the area, when it comes to meds. But something leaves to be desired I feel with the decor and staff. I come here when I see something on their menu I can't resist.

  • Reviewed 3/2/11

Dispensary Review:

Florin Wellness Center

Top notch.

The waiting lobby decor was high class, the actual dispensary is the same. There are three budtenders working at a time. The place is in the end of a strip plaza, very secluded, fairly safe.

Weed. Very very very good, has alot of OGs stocked daily, and daily specials are good. I got 20 percent off and a free gram of house shake that is danker than most street weed.

The heroijuana there is just straight fire. Please do get it, and feel the wonders.

Purchased: $60 4 Grams

its HEROIJUANA, not herojuana :P

So even thou people call it herojuana and such. The budtender wrote heroIjuana on the bottle for a reason :).

Smell: Straight lemon base, with notes of menthol and pine.

Looks: Straight fire, dense bulbous nugs with straight coverage and sparse but thick orange hairs

Taste: Lemon taste, very clean and high class.

Feel: Hard narcotic high that starts in the legs and moves upward to your head. You are dunzo shortly after.

Definitly, one of the strongest batches of any weed that i've tried. excellent choice.

  • Reviewed 3/2/11

Bomb ass medicine, good mexican around.

It might not be easy to see off the street, but this little ghetto ass suite dwelling dispensary has some of the bombest stuff in Sacto.

The lobby is as dry as can be, and not that welcoming feeling. It is totally separate from the actual dispensary. This makes waits long because they only cater to one customer at a time. I am not sure if it was because we were getting register plus the wait, but the wait was extremely long. To their credit, they offer a express service, which works if you've already seen the bud personally.

The budtender we got was a very beautiful looking lady. She had personality and a twang to her voice that made me smile. She knew her weed from the background to the strength and probably could of bankrupted me with her looks and buds.

Now the most important part. The medicine. Well, what can I say, just pure bomb. The godfather, banana og, purple frost, obama, skywalker, og bubba, and pretty much everything else they had was bomb. Definitely will not be disappointed with their cannabis.

The free gift was awesome too. They were right, those pre-rolls are legendary. Could barely finish it with another friend, and we both have extremely high tolerances.

Also since you're in the barrio, there are NUMEROUS dank taquerias around. I am sure all of them are as bomb as fruitridge.


Banana OG

Purchased: $60 Eighth

Banana OG omg.

Smell: Like a ripe banana, initial sugar smell, then a clean banana smell.

Looks: Looks like straight fire, trichrome coverage density is amazing. Nugs are bright green and in dense bulbous quarter nugs.

Taste: Just like it smells, but more complex, more banana with a sweet finish.

Feel: Heavy as shit, definitely body high with a front temporal heavy high.

  • Reviewed 3/2/11

Maybe a bad day?

So, the place is not too hard to find. Huge parking lot and outside garden, but not really clearly marked.
I give 5 stars for atmosphere, very zen and modern place.

The budtender I had was cool, but I do have to mention that another budtender (girl) got into it with another guy over some bullshit. Not really her fault, but gave me bad vibes.

Now let's get to the medicine. I was incredibly disappointed with the medicine here. Only 4 strains were A grade. Only 3 were A+ grade. Mind you they sold out of heroijuana and other private reserves. But thats not my fault nor my problem.

The purps they had were excellent, the GDP and Purple Hash Plant. Their Afwreck looked ridiculous.

Overall, the choice is very lacking. Also the free new patient gift was a very weak joint. The coolest thing in the store was their shirt, and it was overpriced at 20 dollars.

I can say, I will not come back, until I see consistent bomb in their menus in the future.


Grand Daddy Purple

Purchased: $17 Gram

Pretty bomb GDP

GDP is real popular and real good. Thus no one should have bad GDP, and GDP should never be 20 a gram.

El Camino's GDP is just that. Affordable, A+ grade, and in stock all the time.

Look: Well manicured short compact nugs. Dark leaves with purple all over. Trichrome coverage is great.

Smell: Mild smell, slight hues of classic GDP, skunkish aftertones.

Taste: Extremely fruity, grapefruit base with slight mint/bubblegum sweetness.

Feel: Straight to the head indica. Eyes will instantly get slightly heavy. Blank out feel.

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