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  • Reviewed 5/1/14

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Capital City Care

These guys are the real thing

Scott and David are patient with new and established patients alike and they really know their products. They put up with my questions and my indecision on how to spend my limited dollars with a smile. DC is in a unique situation by having the most stringent qualifying criteria in the country, so the three dispensaries are sharing a very limited number of patients right now. Still, I notice it getting busier and busier at Capital City Care. I have to believe that this is because of David and Scott.

I know that as soon as there is the demand for it, they are anxious to host a support group, maybe more than one (based on diagnosis) if the demand exists. They have a room set up and ready to go for this purpose. That kind of dedication to the medical marijuana community is uplifting.

Anna (aka Deirdre)

Skywalker OG

Capital City Care


Although this is identified as an indica, I found it to be uplifting for the first 45 minutes or so. I have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD) and a crumbling spine, and this really helped my pain the two times I have tried it. After the sativa like effect wore off, it definitely felt like more of an indica and helped me to fall asleep sans sleeping pill. Anytime I can replace a chemical with a natural product I am a happy woman.

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Everybody Likes Jack

That's what my dispensary guys (the best) say and they are right. It's a clean, even high that works on my muscle pain and spasms at about 60%. By that I mean that it doesn't eliminate the pain but then neither do the massive amounts of opiods I have been on. Plus the mood improvement makes up for that. I like Jack.

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Capital City Care
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