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December 31 ,1981
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Nothing...but really good at a ton of shit
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Raising orphaned baby whales
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Kettle Korn
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My mind
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 6/25/14

Kush Cleaner


I don't even like Kushes

The title is true, I really don't like "kush" or at least the three I have tried have kinda sucked. I bought this because I usually only buy the "All Star" flowers and this was only one of three they were selling by the gram. In a panic I was like "Kush Cleaner" and the whole way home I was pissed at myself...until I smoked it.

I'm guessing whatever this is crossed with has really helped to chill the weird, danky, crappy high I usually get from the kush strains. This is an Indica leaning high for me, very relaxing, zone out to The Boondocks and eat half a bag of chips sort of high. Doesn't quite make you sleepy...but it is a great buzz on a lazy day or after a stressful one. A heavy dose of this (2 joint to yourself) and your done for the night. Again, you may not be knocked out, but you will stare off into space for hours. It's got a good taste, a little spicey and earthy, but nothing too heavy. It's now part of my rotation.

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5150 Bar



I have been smoking for 17 years. So, I don't get "high" like that anymore. You know? Smoke all the time, everyday so my tolerance is just through the roof. I can get a little buzzed off an edible, or even sleepy, but that's it. When I saw this labeled "10 Dose" I was like "yeah, yeah, I bet it's 10 doses" and bought it just out of curiosity.

I ended up lying on the floor, drooling on my rug and staring at an episode of Law and Order from the first season...very first season. I could (technically) move, but I couldn't really move. I understood that I must have looked a mess lying on the floor, but I didn't care. I was just so f*cking high. SO HIGH!!!! My God! I haven't been this high since high school. Just totally gone! I'm sure I could not have walked around the block safely...I could not have made Ramen...or bathed...or anything that I'm normally able to do while and after smoking. I was glazed over and stuck to my rug. THIS WAS ONLY 1/3 OF A BAR!

Korova is ALWAYS in my fridge now. I use 1/4 of a bar to knock myself out, get through the first day of cramps, spend a Sunday zoning out to documentaries, etc. Mind you, I can't really do anything on this bar. Really, I can't even read a basic book because I can't follow the writing. I can't cook (loose interest, and I love cooking) and I cannot drive (WAY TOO HARD!) but I do feel a heavy bliss when I take this. All my problems, worries, troubles just melt away and nothing really matters all that much. Since my anxiety can sometimes stop me from even leaving the house, feeling everything relax (including my jaw that clenches involuntarily) is a great feeling. I get the best nights sleep on this! It really allows me to fall into a deep sleep. Grant it, I need an extra hour (9-10 hours total) to get it all out my system, but it's worth it.

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All Star Jack Frost


Strong start to the morning

Jack Frost is one of my favorite sativa's! It's a smooth smoke, a little piney and light, but it can be a little harsh on the throat if you smoke it all day. I'm a busy person and I like Jack because it calms you and eases you, but still allows you to focus on what you need to do. It's not a couch-lock buzz, it's a "go organize my kitchen" buzz. For this reason, I actually don't recommend it if your trying to crash or just totally zone out. It's not gonna space you out or knock you out like that. But if you suffer from things like social anxiety or feelings of panic and fear kinda stop you, or demotivate you, this will really help to cast that off and allow you to go about your day.