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  • Reviewed 5/1/15



Insane. Out of this world. Words can't describe this medicine. It's a life changer, saver, and improver. Perfect any time of day and will make you feel amazing. It's the most medicinal product I've ever tried. Thank you so much to the people that spend the hard work and time creating this amazing medicine. Much Love!

  • Reviewed 4/30/15

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

The Best. Nothing else compares.

What more can be said? This place is amazing. Everybody is super professional and nice. Their flowers are top notch. Every other walk in dispensary doesn't have anything nearly this good. They have a huge variety of amazing concentrates too. Amazing selection between pure sativas, hybrids, and pure indicas. The best. Thank you so much CRAFT.

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Sour OG

Great Medicine

I was recommended this strain from the super nice girl over the phone and it's fabulous. Starts off with a nice indica high and then progresses to a sativa/hybrid vibe so you don't get couch-locked and are able to go about your day. Amazing flavor and in my 1/2 O was a HUGE nug, so sticky and quite a beautiful thing to look at. Another A++ strain.

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Bubba Kush 6*

Bubble Hash!

This is some of the best bubble I've ever tried. No residue is right and it's amazing to mix into joints or put on bowls because it melts quick and has the greatest taste. Soo good. I don't know how The French Laundry does it but their stuff is next level. I've never seen any other bubble hash compare.

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Sticky Icky Goodness

This is really really good Super Lemon Haze. Sooo sticky, trichomey, and full of terpenes and oils. So much flavor and the high is so clean! Unlike other clubs where they pass off Super Lemon Haze, this is the real deal. A+++....