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  • Reviewed 3/6/17

District Dream (Shake)

Moonage Daydream

This is one tasty strain. I'd imagine it would go great with a coffee or bowl (ahem) of cereal as you start your day. This little buddy will brighten your mood and wake you up, and it leaves a beautiful euphoria without dulling your senses. It's strong, pretty, and tasty, with a nice sweetness ending with a hit of tart, like a lemon-berry pie.

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Holy Purple Grail


Indica-leaning but sativa-minded. Don't be surprised if it freezes you to the couch for a while but leaves your mind active. This one's great for binge-watching cerebral, engrossing shows. It's also beautiful, with dense, purple-y buds enveloped with kief, and it's spicy sweet with a hint of citrus for good measure.

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KushZilla (SHAKE)

Strong and spicy

I'm relatively new to the -zilla strains, but I hope others match the quality of this one. The spiciness tingles before the citrus kicks in, kicking it up a notch. It's quite strong (25+%), but it doesn't overwhelm or leave you incapacitated. You may experience a sharp increase in appetite and dry mouth, but it calms in wonderful ways.

  • Reviewed 9/26/16

Sour OG/DMV Diesel

Mind & Body

I can't say enough good things about this strain from TWC. The flowers are gorgeous: dark green leaves are covered in trichomes and pretty, burnt sienna pistils. At first puff, it's piney, earthy, and floral, almost lavendery; on the exhale, mainly lemony. It's cerebral and energy- and concentration-increasing early on; these ease into a pleasant, pain-reducing body stone whether you're on the couch or out and about. I will definitely be requesting more of this in the future.

  • Reviewed 9/8/16

SALE: Orange Sunshine (Shake)

A different kind of sunshine

Notes of tangerine echo into a cerebral and relaxing, yet peppy buzz. Anxiety-relieving and pain-reducing. May actually help you get things accomplished.

Potency: 9 Device: Spoon

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