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  • Reviewed 5/30/12

Long time supporter.. but

Love this place but the service has dropped off a little as of late it seems. The medicine is still some of the best in the east bay but the service is not. Please give the bud tenders a vacation or something. Miss the old Harborside.

Redwood Kush


Very Stoney!

I like this new? strain. Very nice taste, hints of pine and kush with a nice full body high. Great for those with high tolerance and dealing with body pains. Harborside always has a few gems and this is one!! Thanks gang!

  • Reviewed 5/30/12

Dispensary Review:

SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)

The best kept secret in the Bay

I recently moved down to LA to do battle in the film business. I grew up in the bay though and come back often to visit the family. Last weekend I was referred to these guys and although I had to wait a day to connect with them, I was very, very pleasantly surprised. It was like going back in time and dealing directly with the alchemist at the apothecary (even their bottles and packaging have this touch). That or like dealing directly with the farmer at a small family farm. EIther explains the custom feel that SBJ represents. It is truly just a different kind of experience as they are making the medicine, not just selling it. There is pride and love here and it is seen in ever aspect of their service. I happily suggest to any of my bay friends (even my mom!) that they experience SBJ Organics. (Life is not the same without their shatter.) Very, Very Satisfied!!!

Tazmanian Devil


Great name for a wonderful new strain!

I had yet to hear about this strain. I guess it is done in house at SBJ and therefore they are the only ones to carry it. I read only 1 review that said it was great but hey, I was still skeptical. After speaking to Christian at SBJ I thought I would give it a go. I tried their Wonka's Bubbilicious and it is by far one of my favorite all time strains. Again, I was happily surprised with this strain and think it might be the perfect day time medicine. Super up and happy, it put a smile on my face within a minute and I was happily going about my day. The high lasted over 2.5 hrs with no come down. This was grown in such an organic and clean way (or seems like it was). I could smoke all day and night. Cannabis how it should be grown. The after taste was pure lemon with hints of haze and kush and even cherry overtones. Wonderful! The looks is kind of crazy, wild and I think why they called it Tazmanian Devil. Thanks gang!!

Last edited by acrowley on 5/29/12 at 8:16 PM Pacific

Soda taste?? Really, how do they do that?

Ok, so I have tried the flowers from these guys, the ice cream (yum) and also the shatters. This might be my favorite as I LOVE oranges and tangerines and also cream soda. The name sounded flashy but I find it now one of the most appropriate names for any cannabis medicine. On inhale and at first exhale, I tasted pure tangerine quickly followed by vanilla cream and then seconds later a, kid you not, bubbly soda, almost bubbly carbonated taste. Was I smoking or drinking a cream soda? The high lasted over 3 hrs as seems common with these super concentrate shatters. The high is the fullest spectrum high I have experienced, full mind and body, truly transcending. SBJ, please adopt me.

Last edited by acrowley on 5/29/12 at 8:22 PM Pacific

Appropriately named

I got a free sample of this on an order this last weekend. This stuff packs a punch I must say! But beyond being potent it was the richest and smoothest gelato I have ever had and I visit Italy every other year. It did Not taste like weed or shake but had a velvet chocolate mousse taste that was just plain sinful. I slept like a baby that night and the next day bought a quart of it! Will be back for more!

Last edited by acrowley on 5/29/12 at 8:36 PM Pacific

Hats off to a very unique creation!

WOW! This blew my socks off! A medicine that has flavors from lemon, cherry to chocolate, vanilla and others in between, so much so that I don't know how to describe it. It is all natural shatter which is the purest cannabis medicine I have ever tried. It is like smoking and tasting the pure flavor and terpine makeup of a strain/plant. The high lasted for over 3 hours and was full mind and body. I highly recommend this to anyone with any condition. I used it for depression and a spinal injury. Felt just wonderful. Thanks so much!!

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