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  • Reviewed 8/23/17

Dispensary Review:

Roots Bay Area

Quick delivery

Got my order within an hour and have absolutely no complaints. The phone people got my recommendation registered within like 10 minutes and helped me to pick out a strain that was probably one of the best I've ever smoked. Overall, the service was great and I will be returning! Thanks Roots!


Blue Dream

Roots Bay Area

Best blue dream ever

After my friends and I smoked this we were so happy and we could not stop laughing. This is something I always look for when I try different strains and I feel like I found my go to strain finally! I will definitely splurge and get two eighths for $90 next time.

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  • Reviewed 3/21/16

Dispensary Review:

Green Door

Best in SF

Out of all the dispensaries I've been to in San Fran, this one is by far my favorite. They have a pretty cool lounge that you can hangout in when you're done making purchases. The strains, however, are sort of lackluster. I got some GDP a little while back and was really sad about the quality, it was not as good as I've had it in the past.

The concentrates are in the back, makes you feel kind of weird going back there all alone. The front line is like a herd of cows waiting to get their feed from the trough. If you're a girl, beware, you will be leered at by creepy men. I guess that's a problem anywhere you go in SF anyways.

The people at the front are really nice and very welcoming though.

  • Reviewed 3/21/16

Dispensary Review:

Dank Dash

Delivery Service on Point!

I used to be a patient at the storefront location, since they converted down to delivery for the time being I find it's even more convenient and just as consistent as it was before. The meds are still top notch, a quality that I am always pleased with. I'm big on smoking flower and they always have new strains to choose from and keep their menu completely up to date. If I ever have any questions about what product would suit me best, I can call them up for a consultation and they will help me out no problem. Usually, I just place my order online and because I don't have to pay until arrival it's pretty convenient. I always get my order within about an hour, and I haven't been disappointed yet. I would recommend their delivery service to all the lazy stoners out there like me that just want it brought directly to their front door.

+ No delivery fee in San Jose
+ $100 mix and match top shelf quarters
+ Tax is included in the prices
+ Accepts cash/credit/debit
+ Cute delivery drivers
+ Free gift for new patients

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