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  • Reviewed 4/11/12
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These 'lil guys ROCK! Go Blue Kudu rolls!

You know you're in for a hell of a damned good edible when you read the following on the label: WARNING EXTREMELY POTENT DO NOT EAT ALL AT ONCE. I personally know people who get little or ANY benefit from edibles, whether it's candy or otherwise. Then there are the rest of us. I have heard of others hardly getting a buzz or NO REACTION to a 'deca' dose of another candy. That's not the case with me. I'd be on the floor/maybe puking if I ate a whole 'deca dose' of ANY MMJ edible. Is it just me? Is my tolerance that low? Am I not 'hardcore' enough? Fuck Hardcore!

Anyway, this product has a pretty damned good mule kick. At 225 mg. total THC, it's one of the higher dose edibles I have consumed. I haven't eaten more than 1/2 of one roll, and that was the first time I used this edible. I have cut it back to a slice of about the thickness of two Nickel coins back to back. That was a pretty heavy dose for me but ALMOST right.

Judge for yourselves. Your tolerance and mine vary, as it is with most humans who use Cannabis and Cannabis edibles.

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