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  • Reviewed 7/24/17

Sunflower Red

Balanced hybrid

The smell is amazing (before and after). Gets me up and moving. Literally i after medicating I'll think
Of things I need to do and I get right up and do it. It motivates me. Gets me
Moving. After about two hours the indica hits me everytime. Not to put me to sleep but to slow me down and relax me! It's a winner here.

  • Reviewed 7/6/17

Berry White

Soulful like the Singer

Finally getting around to finally trying some Berry White. Excellent hybrid for my condition. Very sativa like at the beginning and then a full body melt after. This lasted for a good three hours medicating on the liberal side. The smell is very nice too as well as the taste. Looks like I'll be sticking to Berry white for July! Love that it's so balanced and doesn't put me on my ass! Great after work and evening smoke.

  • Reviewed 6/23/17

Critical Sensi Star

Good indica with results I needed

Enjoyed this strain in a Bambu joint. The taste was super incredible and the high relaxed my body after waiting tables all day. My tired feet stopped hurting, my headache is gone and I'm ready for bed. On average this strain knocks me out in 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half. Uninterrupted 7-9 hours of sleep!

Happy medicating!!!!!!!

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Good cheaper alternative to Sour Diesel

I tend to go with this strain if Chemdawg isn't available. It's something about that diesel smell and taste I enjoy. Unlike Chemdawg, NYC Diesel isn't as pungent but delivers a true uplifting and strong "can get this done" attitude.

Hell, I'm vaping Diesel now and writing this review. Good times. No longer dreading this meeting with my attorney later! I feel very focused and relaxed. Wouldn't recommend for night time use as this is a heavy sativa leaving plant.

  • Reviewed 6/23/17

Dispensary Review:

Herbal Alternatives

"You know you get free medicine because of your roommate"

Only writing this review because of the outstandIng patient service the staff at HA provide. A few months back I got my MMJ card thanks to Joan at Herbal Alternatives. Since then my roommate has signed up and finally got his card also.

Unknown to me, if you refer a friend to the dispensary you & your friend receive free product! I had no idea about this until my most recent visit when David informed me that I'll be getting extra medicine because my roommate visited the dispenary earlier in the week!

This really made my day. As I was unaware of this referral program. Thanks to Frankie for giving me a crash course on marijuana (sativa, hybrid and indica). HA has a real gem in Frankie; she's a walking encyclopedia of marijuana knowledge.

I would recommend pre-ordering as there's sometimes a wait. This was the case my last visit but Freddie (another staff member) helped get patients checked-in quickly and help with their medinical needs. He even offered us cold water as it was an extremely a hot day in DC.

Little gestures like this shows they're not all about iust taking your money but building a long lasting & trusting relationship.

Never change Herbal Alternatives :-)

Thank you so much for your wonderful review!
Frankie IS a walking Cannabis Encyclopedia! We're so happy you've had a good experience at Herbal Alternatives and hope to see you soon!

Stay Well!

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