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  • Reviewed 2/10/12

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Top Shelf Alternatives


I was interested in trying this dispensary after seeing some great prices in the Weekly. After going up three flights of stairs I could smell cigarette smoke not kind meds! Entering what looked like an office complex i immediately felt uncomfortable when the staff had to stop their conversation to talk to me. Once directed to a small office that was there budroom i was not impressed by the size. I asked about the deal mentioned in the paper and they said it had changed! Then, the tender offered some discounted small buds. Not impressive. Apparently, the owner also loves to bring there dogs into the office which i consider unsanitary. Sorry, Top Shelf but i there are better dispensaries out there..

  • Reviewed 2/10/12

Dispensary Review:

The Farm

Enjoying The Farm

The Farm dispensary has been my primary caretaker for 2 months. I chose this dispensary primarily because of quality of meds and excellent prices. The free parking, haircuts, and massages also appealed to me. Over the past two months I have enjoyed the friendly staff and spacious atmosphere. Upon signing them I received a $100 credit and they take 10% off their already great prices. Their method of prepackaging the meds also makes sense in keeping the meds as fresh as possible even though it took a little getting used to. I like that they also offer 'bong snaps' that are even cheaper but just the slightly smaller meds. I have been to more than half a dozen dispensaries in Boulder and even these smaller meds have more crystals than some other dispensaries best stuff. Last month i took advantage of Lucy's free haircuts. She did a great job and i plan to keep going back! Another couple reasons i enjoy The Farm is that they always have specials that can be seen on Facebook and they offer free coffee, chai, or hot chocolate. The last quality of note is that The Farm does a great job in staying compliant with state laws. This gives me a positive feeling on my caregiver choice. Now, you say why then only four stars? I am holding back on the five star because i can see more room for improvement in strain availability. Cool thing is i think they are willing to take impute from their patients and continue improving their service. My suggestions would be as follows: First, never run out of your best indica, The Afgani. When your out my eyes start looking to other resources. Second, The Farm needs to offer the best sativa, The Sour Diesel. Has the owner or grower tried it? That strain has amazing medicinal qualities... I will have a hard time staying with The Farm without these favorites! Aside from that, thanks everyone at The Farm for what your doing. Great Job!!