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March 17 ,1954
san diego
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the air that i breathe
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coolin' it on sofa
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kinda like what i do now
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a good sale
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a nice siesta in the afternoon
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 1/8/16

Dispensary Review:

Elemental Wellness

KUDO's Elemental Wellness - GREAT Move!

Thank you guys at Elemental Wellness Center for accomplishing the monumental task of relocating.
Especially not skipping a beat - closed the old location one day and opening the new the next. Quite an effort. Congratulations.
Old habits die hard and I thought for sure the relocation would un-nerve me, but I like it. Thanks.
Nice digs too.
As for the Medicines (flowers) absolutely the BEST this member has experienced. The White Star, the White Buffalo - the best, no more said.
I'm hanging with you; Thank you, Pd136

  • Reviewed 7/30/15

Karma Glue

Elemental Wellness

Usually if it looks, smells and tastes is!

Kickin it and trying to keep cool today...yesterday was 100...anyway I swung by my favorite
collective a few days ago - Elemental - to look and sniff around and was intrigued by the flower
called Karma Glue; being familiar w/Gorilla Glue - I looked very close and what I saw was a densely
packed heavy buds, with a mustardy hue to them; they were completely saturated in crystals and
the pungent aroma alerted me to some heavy hitting medicine. When smoked the flavor is smooth and intense; and immediately you'll get the one-two punch - but it's calming and mellow. Smoke it all day and you'll sleep like a kitten. Very nice herb, maybe one of the best I have ever experienced 3 days later and I am not experiencing my usual muscle skeletal aches and pains. I recommend it.
Thanks Lauren for recommending it to me. The price has increased slightly since I purchased a Oz but still well worth the value. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.
Have a good one, 136pat

We are glad you enjoyed the Karma Glue! Thank you so much for your continued membership!

  • Reviewed 7/15/15

Dispensary Review:

Elemental Wellness

Elemental Wellness - Makes my world a better place

I found the Elemental Wellness Center a couple years ago - I have chosen not to go elsewhere for the following reason(s): The experience then is just as it is today - Consistently extraordinary service; all members of the staff are friendly, courteous and very respectful. You're greeted at the door and the entire experience is as relaxing as it is unique. I take my time, I ask questions I stop look and listen. I always receive a nice discount when I purchase, and the flowers are the Best I have ever enjoyed and experienced. Honest!
EWc is a very professionally run member of Medicinal community - If you are new or are planning to visit and becoming a member take a moment and seek and meet Neil - he oversees the operation and he is the kindest fellow you'll ever wish to meet but don't take my word for it you'll see! There is also Lauren, Consulting Manager, she can help with everything, Lauren is always upbeat and Knows her stuff! You can believe that.
I want to take this moment to thank the entire team! I've been a loyal customer and will continue to be - always.
A special thanks to Neil, a special thanks to Lauren and a special thanks to security and sales YOU guys really are a BEST!

I would do a big spiel on flowers but they are all superb - I have never got a bad deal.
oh, the online order works too......a great convenience for me.

I highly recommend the Elemental Wellness Center, peace love and happiness baby!

San Jose CA


We really appreciate the kind words. We feel honored to have you as a member!

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