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Posted 3/14/2019
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Hi. I have some relatives that watch my kids, and they grow medical marijuana. It is locked up, has an air filtration system, and none of it is actual DONE around my kids. However, sometimes the house smells, especially after a harvest, or if the relatives have made some homemade cream (topical for pain relief), and if my kids visit and the smell is lingering, they will smell. This has caused problems with my ex, as he "approves" of medical marijuana, but then states that the home is not safe for the kids. LET ME REITERATE...nothing is harvested, made, or done when the kids are present. They have no idea what marijuana is, what it looks like, what it is they're smelling, etc.

However, I have just started looking and am not sure how to better go about finding if any research has been done about the plants just existing in the environment of the home (again, locked up and separate from where the kids actually are) and if there are effects on kids. When the smell is present, I personally have not experienced any kind of high or side effects. I need the research to get my ex off my back, or to make sure my kids are as healthy as possible. I really just want what is best for them, and these relatives and they are very close. If it is in the best interest of the children to not even be in the same environment, they do not HAVE to go over there.

I hope this has not come across as ignorant or naive, just looking for some assistance. Thank you so much!