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Posted 3/13/2019
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I’ve rarely used marijuana much in the past...normally once a year or less; just whenever it found me. Lately I’ve been very interested in all the cannabis hype and doing a lot of research. I’ve also been vaping (cartridge) on weekends for the last month. I’ve been so excited about all the POSITIVE things I’ve heard that I even thought about starting a home grow...that way I could be sure of the quality I’m getting...however, I’ve had some negative side effects from vaping that seemingly have gotten worse over the last few weeks. I want to add that I’m not on ANY medication, I have NO medical diagnosis, I stick to a strict organic paleo diet, and I take whole food supplements daily. The only complication I have is a sluggish gallbladder (diagnosed by myself...I’m a nurse) and the only indulgence I have is enjoying a couple glasses of wine on the weekends.

The strains I’ve tried lately are Sour Diesel, Blueberry Cookies, and OG Kush. I have experienced the same negative effects almost every time with EVERY strain mentioned. Within 10 minutes of vaping I can feel my gallbladder start contracting in an uncomfortable way. Later and into the next day my upper abdomen (which is my liver area) feels inflamed and raw. This feeling lasts into the next day and has progressively gotten more severe over the weeks I’ve been vaping. Another odd symptom that has occurred is that over the past week or two I’ve had this odd pressure in the back of my right calf that comes and goes. This past weekend the pressure turned into discomfort and moved behind my knee. I did some research and the symptoms I was having was the same os Deep Vein Thrombosis...a blood clot!!! so I’ve been freaking out a bit about that. Fortunately after no vaping since Saturday the DVT symptoms have almost disappeared. When I’m not vaping during the week my liver/gallbladder symptoms also go away, but then reoccur when I start vaping again