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Posted 1/17/2017
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haven't had too much success with flower yet .... but i have found that using roaches ( 3 grams ) cleaned and sifted , using a hair straiten r it rendered down to a ball of black rosin about 5/16" in diameter.... very good result !!! and best of all DID NOT TASTE LIKE ROACHES . also every time i was done with my rolling tray i swept it clean & saved it ...pressed in to .5 g paddy's with a keif press, 2g.s yielded a ball about 1/4" in diameter ....has anybody out there done anything like this ???? and can you heat and press the roaches rosin multiple times to refine the rosin ????? its a great way to get the extra rosin from stuff that some people would throw out !!!! p.s. .5 to .75 gram paddy's work best for me ... happy dabbing