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Posted 10/7/2016
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I live in Bowie Maryland and I have my Medical Marijuana card and there are no dispensaries no where around in Maryland to buy my medicine until March of next year that I need for my conditions and it makes no kind of since at all whatsoever! I know Maryland is a big state, so what! That's what you go to the doctor for! To get approved for the medicine and you mean to tell me that you can't go to Washington DC, right next door to buy your own medicine until Maryland get their license next year please! It is crazy! I don't want to smoke it! I never smoke in my life! I need it for the Cannabis oil to stop some of my pains that I'm having and now I got to wait until next year! It makes no kind of since at all and I'm trying to buy the Master Kush because it has in it all of what I need for my conditions and I can't get it!!!! So I will just have to stay with using the CBD oil... It is unreal.