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Posted 1/16/2016
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I am traveling from LA to Bangkok Thailand and doing some in country travel for two weeks. I am skeptical because I want to bring my THC capsules with me on the trip. I am not planning on checking any luggage so I was going to put the capsules in a vitamin bottle mixed with Fish oil capsules. Does anyone have any advice? I don't need to take them but my friend and I would love to have them while we are relaxing on the beach and chilling out. I don't want this to ruin our trip tho, so please let me know if this is a horrible idea.

Posted 1/17/2016
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You are gong straight to Thailand prison.

Posted 4/21/2016
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When I went to Singapore, it was on a courier flight, out of LAX. My Husband flew out the day before and called immediately, as there are Laws there against smoking, littering, chewing gum, bringing in VITAMINS (considered contraband)... everything in Singapore is considered contraband, apparently.... at any rate, I didn't think too much of it Until I saw the amnesty barrels filled with dope, at runway exit of plane. They make a presentation as the plane lands regarding the Island and their zero tolerance to Western Drug influence.... IT scares the shit out of you and it should.
Two weeks before we were there, a rock band came through,
and two misfortunate crew members were hanged to death
One for basically pot seeds... some shake and seeds were found in the bottom of a pairs of his jeans pockets...
and another guy, had cocaine residue in something.
Neither incident would be worth mentioning in The States
Yet these men were Hanged.
That is Singapore.
I would not risk it personally, as parts of Thailand are wildly uncool and other parts are "HEY, smoke this!"
Local Governments tend to let local shit stay local ... yet they are and can be wildly unpredictable.

Bottom line, they want as Much CASH Money as possible out of each and every tourist.
They hate white western privilege... and will fuck you if you Lead with it.

Take Care

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Posted 5/28/2016
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Posted 1/21/2017
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As a freq flyer to the Kingdom i will tell you that in the 30+ times I've gone they have never searched me on the way in . BUT THEY CAN if they want to and random inspections are possible . It's really stupid to bring in any such drug into any Asian country and the reward is not worth the risk. Hiding weed pills with other pills is common practice and they probably already know about it. If you're caught with just a few pills your punishment can be as little as being deported never to return or as much as life inprisonment . Thailand is a beautiful place to visit , enjoy the beauty , the people and the food without weed.