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Each week, Tea House Collective offers a medical cannabis sampler made up of any 4 quarters of your choice. It’s a great opportunity for you to find out which of our medicines work best for you with an assortment of 4 quarter-ounce jars at a special price.

Pick any four strains from our inventory!

$ 250

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My favorite addition to the menu

I used to do this myself, without the discount. That is, being new to medical cannabis, and outdoor organic, I didn't know what I wanted/needed, so I started working my way through the Tea House menu 1 mixed ounce at a time. I'd pick 4 different strains of varying potency, flavor profile (usually sweet), and genetics (Indica, Ind>Sat, Sat>Ind, and Sativa). I'd order a 1/4 of each and see what they did for me. Now I get that done for me, and a discount to boot.

Each jar comes with a small sample (1-2 bowls depending on size and grind), definitely enough to get a good idea of what's in the jar. While I've never sent anything I've ordered back, the option to has always been a great selling point for me.

The only potential downside here is that you aren't choosing the strains yourself, so the current week's offering may not interest you. For me this is a bonus, as the shopping process (i.e. which do I pick this time? have I had it before? do i want it again...? etc.) was pretty time consuming, and I don't need an ounce a week anyways.



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