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MediHaze is an 80/20 sativa-dominant strain bred by CBD Crew that crosses genetics from Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze, and an undisclosed CBD-rich parent. THC and CBD’s synergy provide relief to a variety of symptoms, some of which include pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Pine, mint, and spice aromas burst from MediHaze buds in a fragrant introduction to its clear-headed, uplifting effects.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, cramps, depression, inflammation, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic, seizures

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Top Notch

Takoma has some of the best varieties of medicine. I live in Delaware and have to travel to dc to purchase medicine. Since takoma has good medicine at reasonable prices the drive is much worth it. My purchase was small because I shopped all dc shops that day but takoma has kept me updated on their medicines and prices and I love them for that will be back ASAP


Weekend Hours

Takoma Wellness has made it easy and manageable to aquire my medicines. The weekend openings really fits into my schedule. Fortunately it is located in a very central location to my residence. I can catch the Metro and the Takoma Wellness Center


Very Surprising

I didn't know what to expect when getting this strain. Very uplifting helped take away my pain and a lot of my Stress and Anxiety. Very effective with my PTSD and helping me to get through my symptoms and Trauma I would recommend to anyone looking for something to help them get through the day

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Very Surprising

I didn't know what to expect when getting this strain. Very uplifting helped take away my pain and a lot of my Stress and Anxiety. Very effective with my PTSD and helping me to get through my symptoms and Trauma I would recommend to anyone looking for something to help them get through the day



With a 15.3% CBD rating this is the highest concentration of Cannabidoil in a strain I have seen. Such a high amount of CBD provides quick results and long lasting pain relief. THC at 16.3% bring an overall rating 31.6% ... the majority in CBD's providing as stated fast and prolonged relief from chronic and arthritis pain as well as inflammation without the as strong a nighttime affect as a strain loaded with a high percentage of straight THC without the Cannabidoil. Has a very strong , sweet taste and pleasing smell that reminds one of nectar. You can feel the density and the sticky resin when handling. A little goes a long way and can be mixed with other strains for a custom affect. Definitely a good value for the money. A contender for sure.


Exactly What the Doctor Ordered

The new batch of MediHaze currently at TWC, is Hot Like Fire. But before I skip to describing how enjoying this strain got my MoJo back, as if I was literally in the classic Aaliyah video with beatmaking duo Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott & Timbaland themselves, I'll share a nugget about the strain itself.

Coming in at a nice 1:1 ratio of the THC & CBD, this sativa leaning strain helped kick butt of some major inflamation and pain I was feeling this past Friday. After a long day and wanting to just escape from both an exhausting day and the pain I was feeling, MediHaze was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Now we can cut to how this got my MoJo back. In a few hours, it had me up again, giggly, euphoric and most importantly void of the pain I was feeling earlier. Able to move more, it had me grooving into the night with the misses, sitting back and just enjoying life, as life is to be intended.

Highly recommended strain, this new batch is very sticky, like sticky icky!!! Broke open a bud and truly had thoughts as if I was breaking open a resin dipped bud of of a Moonrock. Yep, its that dense. If you're in need of a all around nice daytime strain to keep at bay what ails you, definitely keep this

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Physical Realization

It has been a long time since I've reviewed MediHaze, and as I have been getting better with explaining strains, Holistic has been improving this medically valuable one, which is good for maintaining focus, but not optimal for activity (Harlequin would be a better choice for being active). It has a very high amount of CBD, which can be used to counter the negative effects that come with regular THC use. MediHaze's body effect is stronger, however there is an enlightening feeling in the head, and it's an overall refreshing experience. It's nice to have a sativa that fully relaxes you, and as a bonus there is a fruity taste.

Potency = 9.25

Effects = body mold, elevating, and numbing

Ideal for: excellent for physical pain, good for stress, and some help with physical brain conditions

Mixes best with: Royal Medic, Red, REM, Holy Grail Kush, Blue, Tropical Punch, Head Trip, PineTrak, Northeast OG, The Overnight Scenario, Limonene Dream, Lemon Cookies, Midnight Skunk, Green Funk, Kolossus, Buffalo Soldier, Amnesia Haze, Ed Rosenthal, Big Medusa, Green Punch, It Was All A Dream, and Blue Hammer

*It does belong in the class with the strains that are the absolute best for physical pain. The others are: CBD Critical Cure, Royal Medic, Green Skunk, Harlequin, Gold, and Blue.

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2016 Medihaze: Perfection Achieved.

I just wanted to add a second and updated review of Medihaze. The current 2016 batch off Medihaze is very, very good. A perfect balance of THC and CBD, and are beautiful-looking, scrumptious flowers. If you tried Medihaze before, you need to ry it again, this batch is awesome medicine. The balanced THC and CBD helps you focus, and this strain is GREAT for depression, ADD/ADHD and PTSD.

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Medical Lucidity

This is a very medical strain. At initial onset the mind becomes clear, but without euphoria or exhilaration. Once the medicine settles in, it's easy to get sleepy. Good medicine for people who are medicating a bodily ailment and who want or need to remain mentally and emotionally unchanged by the herb they are using.

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  • murrr

perfect for pain

Lately, I've been experiencing constant headaches. Medihaze was wonderful in soothing my headache, which was related to a toothache. Because of the constant pain, I was also experiencing some anxiety. This flower also calmed my nerves. It will couch lock you, and I did experience heavy eyes. So, I would recommend this flower for when you can block out some times to relax.

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Physical Redemption

MediHaze is that sticky icky with a fantastic body effect. It is DC's best strain for physical pain. The sativa really is rather lovely, and should be much more popular in the medical marijuana community.

Potency = 9

Effects = body mold, and an enlightening feeling in your mind

Ideal for: physical pain

Mixes best with: Pineapple Express, Magnificent Intentions, Sour Diesel, Ed Rosenthal, and Critical Kush

*Holistic Remedies' 3rd Best Strain
*DC's 5th Best Strain

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MediHaze all through my brain...lately days just don't seem the same!

I got my MediHaze at Takoma Wellness Center, and MediHaze comes in these slender, olive-green flowers with orange pistils weaving through, and thickly and richly coated with a white fur of terpenes. I could see the small crystal mushrooms of terpenes coating the flowers of MediHaze with my naked eye. The CBD level is very high at 18%, and is a cannabinoid that is favored by medical cannabis patients.

Aroma (Very mild)
Sour- dairy
Spicy - fennel, tabasco
Sweet - flowery, blossoms, lilac
Bitter - salty, mineral

The taste of MediHaze is chalky, creamy, with a spicy, tingly sage-like, cinnamon tinge. The smoke expanded and I coughed a tad, very strong smoke. MediHaze leaves a very tasty and moist minty aftertaste.

I felt the Sativa effects a few minutes later, in the back of the head first, and then it radiated out towards the top of head, towards my crown chakra. MediHaze has a strong euphoric effect and I felt depression eased. MediHaze is a creeper, big time. After a second puff and 10 more minutes, the Indica side kicks in and kicks in hard, and really relaxes the muscles, eases muscle spasms and pain, and eases other pain. The name MediHaze must come from the haze in your head thats kicks in after 15 minutes or so, and you are really in a haze and your thoughts slow down. I did feel my focus was sharp, but just slowed down. This is only a night time strain, and best for relaxation. I would call this a hybrid strain, Sativa dominant, but with a very strong Indica side.

MediHaze is very strong and powerful, and the effects last a long time; two puffs eased my fibromyalgia symptoms for almost an hour. MediHaze eased my stomach and does stimulate the appetite a bit. I did not get dry mouth.

I recommend MediHaze for MS, fibromyalgia, pain, and muscular, neurological and skeletal issues. MediHaze would also be good for insomnia and head issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. MediHaze is a TRUE medical cannabis strain, and will probably come to be a favorite by Takoma Wellness Center patients.

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