Lemon Meringue (SHAKE)

Grown by ABATIN
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The Lemon Meringue strain is an uplifting sativa-dominant strain that has an incredibly lemony flavor in line with the beloved pie for which it was named. Due to its uplifting and pain relieving effects, it’s a great strain for fatigue and conditions involving chronic pain.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, cramps, depression, inflammation, migraine, muscle spasms, pain: muscle/joint, seizures

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lemon meringue heaven

Wow what a lovely strain! From the taste and smell to the awesome effects, I will definitely be purchasing this again. It broke up really nicely, super sticky and a really nice skunk smell. It was awesome as a daytime smoke and kept me in a good mood as well as pain free and able to accomplish stuff while still being relaxed in the body and mind (no anxiety). So if you need to get some stuff done, or just be lazy and practice some self-care, it's a great pick!


Amazing Medicine

So glad I picked up an 8th of this yesterday! This is one of the first Terpinolene Rich high CBD strains I’ve encountered and that in itself makes it very special. Nothing like this exists on the Maryland Market yet. So far we’ve only had access to High CBD cultivars being also high in Pinene mostly for better daytime choices in CBD strains. The Medi Haze at TWC is actually not bad either in this regard. All that just made me realize most similar choices in Maryland stink Besides the mango from Willy’s grown by Culta which is one of their few often testing over 4% terps. Now back to this flower. I was initially going to give it four stars just because I I should rarely ever be using five stars anyways because 5 star flower is very very RARE in truth. I have simply just never in my entire life gotten anything from any dispensary anywhere on the legal market that was anywhere near as good as the very best stuff I ever had on the black market so technically I shouldn’t have ever given anything five stars four stars is amazing though when you think of it that way. The reason this got four stars which is like five stars for The quality most people are used to is because of the price! At that price this is an unbelievable value. I’ve actually had some pretty serious pain in my left knee the past few days from work so I have actually been finally using most of my high CBD strains the past few days and tried this finally today so I got to compare them all. This Lemon Meringue smells the way I wished the medi haze would have smelled. This is my favorite scent to cannabis the terpinolene type citrussy notes which tends to smell way more like citrus fruit than limonene rich strains often would and you know you’re gonna be getting things done when you smell this amazing scent. I smoke this is soon as I woke up this morning and just breaking it up put a smile on my face from the smell alone it’s not over dried at all and the buds are plump thick dense healthy and pungent. As soon as I finished my bowl the pain in my knee was completely gone and even though I did not feel very high per se It did still put me in an amazing mood and I got straight to work I didn’t waste any time dragging around like I do many mornings I want straight out to refill the birdfeeders and the water bowls for the birds squirrels and deer and I felt at peace with the world as I was sitting there after watching all the birds and squirrels feasting away and bathing in their water bowls. Then I got busy tending to my plants which are showing signs of nitrogen deficiency even though they’ve received plenty of nitrogen I’m almost positive I ruined the soils PH every time I was feeding them or watering them I was accidentally adjusting the pH according to the wrong growing medium I was adjusting to almost 6.0 even every time not realizing for soil I wanted to be closer to seven. I also came to that conclusion this morning after being able to sit and focus on my research thanks to this wonderful lemon meringue . This is truly one of the very best options we have available for people who need a high CBD cultivar for truly productive days. One of the very best daytime options i have ever even tried to this day. You did an awesome job on this Abatin. This and your House Line have been very impressive indeed keep up the great work! I should also mention how smoothly this smoked with absolutely no irritation to my throat and a very clean Ash at the end of the bowl so thanks for taking your time to flush most excess nutrients out for us!

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The most functional?

This might be the most effective "functional" strain for knocking out pain, lethargy, anxiety and crippling self-doubt--while maintaining a clear head and energy--of any I've tried. The 2:1 THC:CBD balance is comparable to Citrus Tango, a favorite daytime CBD strain, compared to which the effect of these flowers is dreamier and less penetrating/thoughtful. I notice none of that anxious edge that mixed CBD strains can sometimes have in low doses (although I just had a pint of ale so results could vary depending on current body chemistry) and of course flavor/cure/manicure is impeccable. It's hard to wrap my head around the idea that this is a low-cost line, as the flowers are as good as or better than the top-shelf of anyone else. I'm tempted to warn you of a certain lack of potency, but that's the tradeoff with high-CBD strains like this. It is what it is. If you want a potent, speedy sativa from Mark Lewis try the wi fi nigerian. This one is less for doing projects and more for functioning at a social event with good positive energy and the ability to think clearly.

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